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Who Is Adam Neely? New Details About Shahs Of Sunsets Star Reza Farahan's Husband

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Who Is Adam Neely? New Details About Shahs Of Sunsets Star Reza Farahan's Husband

And baby makes three! Or four! or five! That's the newest news out of the Shahs of Sunset stars Reza Farahan, 45, and his 33-year-old husband Adam Neely. They recently announced that they are putting the condo they've lived in for five years on the market so that they can use the proceeds to pay for the process of obtaining eggs and going through the process of finding a surrogate so that they can have their first child together.

In fact, though Reza finds the whole idea "kind of terrifying," he's been having fun brainstorming baby names. “I am very much on board with classic, strong, some might call Biblical names — like Matthew, Johnathan. Names that are really beefy because I don’t want my kids to get the sh*t kicked out of them. We’re definitely going to go much more conventional just for our kids’ sakes. Just really strong, classic American names.” However, Reza better come out with two names because Adam wants twins — a boy and the girl. Reza said, “I would be the father of one, he’d be the father of the other, and obviously the mother would be the same. I don’t necessarily think that that’s the best route for us to take because we’d be so overwhelmed once the kids got here, but it’s definitely an option.” So ... who is Adam Neely?

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1. He works behind the camera

Adam has a very successful career as an assistant editor on several high profile television projectsAdam broke into TV after a former neighbor and friend who worked as an editor inspired him to go into post production. He attended California State University, Northridge where he first got his taste of work in Hollywood working as a PA (that's Production Assistant for those outside of Hollywood) for prolific producer Ryan Murphy. At the time he had no idea who Ryan Murphy was or that he'd created Nip/Tuck. Since he was hired, Adam has worked on Glee, American Horror Story and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. 


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2. He has high praise for his boss

Neely has high praise for Ryan Murphy, saying, "Being on set with him is just like watching a painter make his canvas look pretty. He's very focused. He knows exactly what he wants. He gets exactly what he wants. It's just phenomenal to watch him work. He's really great to work with. He always gave people opportunities to be challenged and take it to the next level. And what I really thought was cool about him when it came down to making cuts and rearranging an episode, he always knew exactly what to do exactly, what to take out, what was working, what wasn't working. And that's one thing that's really, really interesting about him. I really enjoyed working with him."


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3. They almost got divorced

During the Season 7 reunion for Shahs of Sunset, Adam and Reza opened up about a recent rough patch in their marriage. Adam said that Reza wasn't feeling appreciated when he was so focused on work and himself and he sort of forgot he had a husband with needs as well. Reza said that the conflict hit its crisis point with Adam wouldn't do "a really simple thing" for him. That started the downward spiral for Reza and he wanted a divorce. The couple realized they were not ready to give up on their marriage and went to couples counseling together to work on it. 


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4. Adoption?

Reza and Adam have been discussing egg donors and surrogate, but if Reza had his choice, they'd adopt. “It’s such a selfless act and I think there’s so many kids that need homes. For us to go through the process, the time, the agony, the money and everything that goes along with trying to have our own biological kids as two gay men — I don’t necessarily think that it’s worth it.”


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5. Their future family

Whether Adam and Reza go the IVF route or adopt, one thing is for sure, the two have thought through all of the options. Their future baby will have two devoted dads, four cats and a dog. 


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