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Is Eva Mendes Pregnant With Twins? New Details That She's Expecting Again With Ryan Gosling

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is Eva Mendes expecting twins?

When Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams broke up for good in 2008, the world openly wept. But it didn’t take long for him to find love again with Eva Mendes. After they began dating in 2011, Mendes soon gave birth to their daughters Esmeralda in 2014, and Amada Lee in 2016.

But is she pregnant again? And is Eva Mendes pregnant with twins this time? New rumors are saying that the couple is expecting two babies — a boy and a girl — and they couldn’t be happier!


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The couple has allegedly struggled with IVF but their most recent round took hold and they're already preparing for the new additions. And she has Gosling to thank for keeping her going through their tough times.

“They knew they may have some fertility issues given Eva’s age (Mendes is 44) but they didn’t realize just how difficult the IVF journey would be. Even when Eva wanted to give up, Ryan kept saying, ‘Just one more.’ That’s the one that took — and Eva’s been thanking him ever since,” the source claimed.

They celebrated on June 4th with their two children, where Mendes and Gosling were seen outside of a restaurant with her covered up in a sweater holding Amada. Nobody can be sure if the sweater was covering up a baby bump but it’s cause for speculation.

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Though Gosling and Mendes are known for keeping their private lives, well … private, according to the same source, “They are over the moon. And with the news that they’re having twins — a boy and a girl — it’s just heaven. They’re telling friends it’s the miracle they never expected.” If you remember, Mendes kept her pregnancy with Amada a secret until a few weeks before giving birth. She may be doing the same this time around.

But the couple is so excited that they’ve already started talking about baby names. For the girl, they want to name her Viviana, and for the boy, Mendes is thinking of naming him Carlos, after her brother who passed away. Honoring his memory is more than okay with Gosling, which is a sweet gesture on his part.

So, is she really pregnant? While there is no confirmation just yet, if she is, you can expect her to make an announcement just as she’s about to deliver.

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