Who Are Harry Styles' Ex-Girlfriends? An Extensive List Of All The Women He's Loved Before

The inside scoop of the relationships between Harry and his ex-girlfriends.

Who Are Harry Styles' Ex-Girlfriends? An Extensive List Of All The Women He's Loved Before Instagram

Harry Styles is the cool guy that every girl would be in awe of in high school. He has such a cool aura about him and he is an Englishman. One thing is for sure, he loves Victoria Secret models since most of his girlfriends are models. He is a singer, songwriter and actor who began his pursuit of music in 2010 on The X Factor, although he was eliminated shortly after he was contacted to be a part of a boy band named One Direction. This handsome man knows how to tug on the ladies heart strings. Who are Harry Styles' ex-girlfriends?


1. Camille Rowe

The draw dropping Victoria Secret model Camille was one of Harry's most recent breakups. They were together for about a year before calling it quits. His relationship with Camille is the longest he has been in since 2010 when he first shot to stardom on The X Factor. Things must have been serious between the two because not only was she his longest relationship, she also met his family. She was a supportive girlfriend and the pair seemed to have a ton of fun together.



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2. Kendall Jenner

Rumors about Kendall and Harry began in early 2014. They were spotted going to dinners, hitting the slopes on a ski adventure and there were many times that they were caught flirting and giving each other googly eyes. Khloe Kardashian confirmed in an interview that the two were definitely dating but she wasn't aware if they had an official title. However, she did know that they were both interested in one another. Dating is extremely complicated — especially when trying to DTR! (Define The Relationship). The two have a long complicated history together, off and on until 2016 where they were last seen spending time on New Years on a yacht in St. Barts.

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3. Tess Ward

Naked Chef and food blogger Tess Ward's relationship with Harry was pretty short term. "A source told The Sun as soon as they met there was an instant spark between them." A couple of days after they went public, she received negative reviews for her book The Naked Diet. She was accused of wanting to be with Harry because of his fame. Who knew there was so much drama surrounding their relationship! Tess broke up with Harry because she realized that she still had feelings for her ex after she broke up with him to get with Harry in the first place. Once Tess and Harry broke up, she got back with her ex shortly after and they have been inseparable ever since.

4. Pandora Lennard

Harry Styles allegedly spent the night with Pandora while he was still in a relationship with Kendall Jenner. She was caught leaving his home in Hampstead Heath, North London on morning after she arrived the night before. They were very attracted to one another and were great friends and it was only a matter of time before interest began build between them. The greatest debate has always been can a guy and girl be just friends in this case the answer would be no.

5. Georgia Fowler

The relationship status of these two has been swept under the rug as neither has confirmed or denied that they were ever officially together. Rumors regarding the song "Kiwi" have fans believing he wrote the song for Georgia. In Georgia's defense, she doesn't believe the song is about her because she doesn't have a baby and that is the subject of the song's lyrics. She has a strong argument there! On the Morning Show she wanted to shut down the gossip about her being the "Kiwi" of Harry's eyes and said that she knew nothing about it and that he was just a friend.



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6. Sara Sampaio

Harry sure does have a type, and apparently Victoria's Secret models seem to be his favorite. In 2015, Sara and Harry appeared to be getting close and were allegedly dating. She was photographed leaving his hotel in New York, wearing the same outfit she was seen entering the hotel the night before.



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7. Nadine Leopold

Is Harry boyfriend material or is he is heart breaker ? According to Nadine, she dumped him because he was playing games with her heart and she decided that she wasn't going to allow it to go further. He was heart broken by the break up as he had real feelings for Nadine. They just wanted different things, she wanted more of an effort put forth in their relationship and she wanted someone who was committed and serious about her. She was his first dip into dating Victoria Secret models and they were always seen taking trips to grab some froyo.



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8. Erin Foster

In October of 2014, Harry and Erin were spotted at a pumpkin patch on their first outing together. It wasn't long before everyone started noticing that they were getting involved romantically. This fling was never anything serious for Harry and sources say that they were only casually dating. Also, there was a 12 year age difference between Harry and Erin which many people assumed was the cause of why their relationship never sprouted into something more. Who's to say that Harry isn't interested in an older woman?



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9. Kimberly Stewart

Harry and Kimberly were introduced by a mutual friend and things blossomed from there. They seemed to be very happy with one another. Harry made such an impression on Kimberly that he was even able to meet her family, they were spotted at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood with her dad, step mom and brother. He was seen talking to her father Rod Stewart for an excessive amount of time. At this point, Harry became known for loving older women.



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10. Nicole Scherzinger

The lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls hooked up with Harry in 2013, when he was 19 and she was 35. It was a secret fling as Nicole was on a break from her relationship with Lewis Hamilton. Friends close to the singer stated that his thing with Nicole was never serious between them and were never officially dating. They just got along well together and sang to each other during their time together. 



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11. Taylor Swift

Harry Styler and Taylor Swift are still a hot topic even though their romantic relationship was very short. Their relationship has sparked many songs from both sides of the spectrum such as "I Knew You Were Trouble" from Taylor and "Two Ghosts" from Harry. They dated for just a couple of months, and were seen strolling in Central Park together twice. He spoke about how much he learned from their experience together and that they both write from the same place which he appreciates and honors. In an interview with Rolling Stone Harry said: "Certain things don't work out. There's a lot of things that can be right, and it's still wrong," the then 23-year-old told the magazine. "In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You're celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than 'this didn't work out, and that's bad.' And if you run into that person, maybe it's awkward, maybe you have to get drunk ... but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it's the best s--t ever. So thank you."



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12. Caggie Dunlop

Caggie and Harry first encountered each other on Twitter before they met in person. They partied together and were seen flirting on social media in 2012 before One Direction headed to the U.S. on tour. It was noticeable that these two had great chemistry, even though they claimed that they were just friends. A representative for Harry actually mentioned that he denied that they were involved romantically and was not dating her. Caggie is 14 years younger than Harry which is a type that he usually does not go for.


13. Emily Atack

Emily describes her relationship with Harry as a fling and says she enjoyed it while it lasted. She admitted to feeling like a pervert for dating him in 2012. On her Twitter page at the time, she wrote: “Does Harry from One Direction HAVE to be 16?! She never confirmed the romance between them until 2014. They were never boyfriend and girlfriend and just went their separate ways after their fling.



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14. Emma Ostilly

After a night out in New Zealand Harry was photographed kissing Emma. One Direction fans were not happy about their fling and began to post abusive messages to her Twitter account. It all became too much and she deleted her account to avoid any more abuse from the fans. It is rumored that Harry cheated on Taylor Swift with Emma.

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15. Caroline Flack

Harry had a crush on Caroline when she was one of the presenters on The X Factor. He admitted to a number of magazines and friends that he liked her. They began dating when he was just 17 and she was 31. The cause of the breakup was because of One Direction fans who bullied her. He was caught leaving Caroline's home with an overnight bag. They shared a kiss while at a party and were caught on camera flirting with one another. When asked about this former fling he denied anything happened between them but commented on the fact that she was attractive.



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