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Are Harry Styles And Camille Row Back Together?

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Are Harry Styles And Camille Row Back Together?

The best thing about a hot celeb you're crushing on dating someone else is that you can live vicariously through them. Looking at photos of them walking strolling hand in hand on the beach or at dinner together it's easy to imagine yourself in her shoes. But of course, those feelings of living vicariously through the real girlfriend only last until they break up: because who wants to live vicariously through someone else's heartbreak, right?

When Harry Styles and Camille Rowe got together fans everywhere craved the details of the relationship in a very real way. When they broke up, they wanted those details too. Now that rumors are starting circulating that they could be heading for a reunion, it's only a matter of time until the truth is out: Are Harry Styles and Camille Rowe back together? We break down it! 

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1. Are They Back Together?

On April 11th of 2019, two of the hottest faces in young Hollywood set tongues to wagging when they were spotted out and about together. The couple in question? Harry Styles, of One Director fame, and his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe, a model who's graced the runway for Victoria's Secret among other top-notch brands. 

The couple was in a highly publicized hot and heavy relationship, but that all ended 9 very long months ago. So why are people now thinking that they might be coming together to try and make a go of it one more time? Because the one-time couple was recently spotted enjoying lunch together. So naturally, people want a scoop! 

2. Identifying Traits

The rumors all started to make the rounds after Harry and Camille were spotted by a Twitter user, who clocked them seated in the outdoor section of a restaurant enjoy the mild temperatures. The photos aren't exactly masterful proof, after all, in one, you can't see Harry's face, and in the other, you can just barely make it out, but this is 2019, we don't need faces to identify people. 

You see, even without a clearly identified face, Harry Styles is easy to clock. That's because he's covered in visible tattoos and he often wears rings with his initials on them, "H" and "S." You cannot see Camille's face in any of the photos either, but true fans know what to look for and they do it here: Camille's got a heart tattoo on the back of her arm and it crops up in the photos making the rounds on social media. 

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3. Trying For The DL

People have always been curious about this handsome couple. In July 2017 they were noticed spending time ( a lot of time) together at a Fleetwood Mac show, and that's when the press got wise to the idea that these two might be more than friends. The funny thing is, if you really watch what Harry does online, you'll notice that he'd noticed the prior year, following her on Instagram.

Despite all the talk about his love life, Harry Styles likes to keep things quiet, and if not quiet, then at least private! After the Fleetwood Mac show, he was asked on a British radio if there was any truth to the idea that the duo seemed like they were item and Harry straight up lied saying he didn't even know her. It wasn't a good lie, however, since they'd been spotted out and about together in New York seven days prior to the interview. 

4. Their Past 

Whatever Harry might have said (or not said) about his relationship with Camille, it was clear that the couple was going to give a real relationship the proper shot that it (and they) deserved. Although Harry was keeping up a mad pace, traveling the globe throughout much of their courtship, Camille was always there for dinner, drinks, and plenty of conversation. 

Still, when your boyfriend works all the time be it as a lawyer, doctor, or as a world-famous singer, it's hard not to feel overlooked. That goes double when you're a model whose star is rapidly rising. Before too long Camille was being featured in Playboy, and the couple ultimately called things quits in July of 2018.

5. Friends For Now 

Neither Harry Styles nor Camille Rowe has made any comment about their relationship changing, and whatever their fans on the web might hope, it's not fair to speculate that one lunch together equals a total guarantee that the relationship is back on. Maybe Harry still has the feels, he's still single after all. 

Camille, however, is very much not single. It looks from her own various social media profiles that she's seeing someone else, which probably means (unless she's very bad at covering her tracks) that she was just meeting up with Harry as a friend. Sure, people claim you can be friends with an ex...but can they really? 

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