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Who Is Larissa Dos Santos Lima? New Details On The 90-Day Fiancé Star And Her Possible Deportation

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Who Is Larissa Dos Santos Lima? New Details On The 90 Day Fiancé Star And Her Possible Deportation

One of the most fascinating things about watching 90 Day Fiancé is tracking a couples' highs and lows on their path to wedded bliss. As the show progresses, viewers form serious opinions about which of the long-distance couples are in it, in reality TV parlance, for the right reasons, and who might be doing it just to get a green card. Usually, the show and its companion, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? answer all of those questions and more. 

One couple who made a real impact on viewers was Larissa Dos Santos Lima and her fiance, Colt John. They seemed like an odd pairing and it struck no one as all that unusual when the couple ended their brief marriage not long after it began. But now that it's over, does this mean Larissa, who is originally from Brazil, is going to be deported? We dig into the story. Who is Larissa Dos Santos Lima?

1. The Ring Didn't Mean A Thing

Talk about the most awkward encounter ever. In a pivotal scene on 90 Day Fiancé, Larrisa Dos Santos Lima and her then-fiance Colt Johnson revealed that the wedding was off to Colt's mom, Debby. Larissa, noticing that Colt's ring is gone, asks him where it's gone. “My ring is just off my hand,” he says. “Where’s your ring?” Of course, realizing that her son and his fiance were both going ringless, Debbie asked what the heck was going on. “Would you like to explain, or should I,” said Colt as the tension in the room, continued to mount to levels so extreme that I dramatically announced: "I'm going to the bathroom!" and darted out of my bedroom in severe discomfort. “I was not happy,” Larissa said simply. Which, sure, explains ending a relationship, but doesn't exactly explain deciding to flush said engagement down the toilet. That's literally flushing money away. 


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2. Mom Didn't Approve

Debbie may not be the perfect human being (by a longshot) but she turned into fans all over the nation when she said in reaction to this news: “That’s just like taking Colt’s payroll [and tossing it]!" Larissa, never one to take prisoners sniped back with: “Colt is paying, but Colt’s money is my money, so." This time, however, Debbie wasn't going to let Larrisa get the final word: “So it doesn’t mean anything to you that he works his *ss off so he can buy nice things for you and you just toss it in the toilet?"

Debbie was on a royal tear, and she wouldn't stop until she said her piece: "I’m sorry, I’m really upset about this. I don’t think either one of you needs to be married to each other. I think your relationship stinks. Why do you guys want to be married to each other? I don’t understand that.” She and Larissa have never gotten along with Debbie often complaining about Larrisa's laziness and Larissa griping that Debbie just views her as competition. If mama doesn't approve, the marriage isn't made to last


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3. Doomed From The Start 

Like many other couples on the show, Larissa and Colt met each other thanks to social media. Colt actually didn't get a chance to meet his Brazilian bride until they "met half way" in Mexico. Apparently, the meeting was special because he proposed to her within just five short days! The couple (and Debbie) quickly grabbed the attention of fans of the show who couldn't get over just how hard a time Colt's high maintenance diva bride-to-be gave him at every turn. In news that surprised officially no one, the couple's marriage didn't stand the test of time. In fact, they only settled their divorce in April of this year. For those curious about how exactly the whole thing played out, you'll be able to see that on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 


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4. Will She Be Deported?

Now that Larissa's marriage to Colt is over, does that mean her time in this country is going to end as well? Us Weekly reached out to lawyer Edward Shulman to have him weigh in on the issue. According to him, all of this is very much up in the air because we the public doesn't exactly know the ins and outs of how, exactly, Larissa is in this country. We do know that she entered the country and moved in with Colt using a K-1 fiance visa. As the rules of the show make it quite clear, this visa type means that you've got 90 days to marry said fiance legally. If she planned on staying in the country after the wedding, she would need a green card to do stuff like live here legally and get a job. But this is all gets tricky should Colt take back his pledge to sponsor her visa. Then her only option would be to apply as an abused spouse! 

5. Her Arrest Record 

Unfortunately, the odds of filing as a victim of abuse aren't exactly likely for Larissa. You see, she has been arrested multiple times for being the perpetrator of domestic abuse! In fact, just this year Larissa was arrested in Nevada for attacking Colt. According to an office at the scene: “[Colt] had a swollen lip, and his gums and teeth were bloodied,” and that Larissa “was the aggressor in this case.”

Larissa was arrested two other times for abusing Colt, once just before their wedding. These arrests could hurt her chances and lead to deportation, but Larissa seems confident about her future. “I have an immigration attorney and I will try to prove that I had the best of intentions coming here,” Larissa revealed to HollywoodLife. “I have lots of proof that I really came here for love and had the best of intentions.”

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