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Is Molly Hopkins Engaged? New Details On The 90-Day Fiancé Star And Her New Man

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Is Molly Hopkins Engaged? New Details On The 90-Day Fiancé Star And Her New Man

90 Day Fiance's Molly Hopkins has had a lot to deal with since her appearance on season five of the TLC reality show. The 43-year-old mother of three got divorced from the husband she met on the show and then had to watch as Luis Mendez got remarried just five months later. The lingere mogul does know one thing though: The best revenge is a well -ived life. She is out there living her best life. She's dropped a ton of weight, her manicure is serious #NailGoals and she's got a beautiful diamond ring on that finger. Wait...what? Who is Molly Hopkins's new man? Is Molly Hopkins engaged? These are things 90-Day Fiancé fans need to know!

1. Her revenge body

Sometimes losing a man is the best thing that can happen to a gal and that certainly seems to be true for Molly. After her much publicized divorce from Luis Mendez, Molly took on a healthier lifestyle and along the way dropped 40 lbs. Some people wondered if she had weight loss surgery or took weight loss pills, but Molly was quick to dispel that notion, saying: “I mean that’s the first thing everybody said, ‘Oh my god, she had liposuction,’” the 90-Day Fiancé star recalled. “I wish I could afford to take off from work for that long, that would be amazing. I promise you, if I had surgery, I’d be coming out looking like a new person. You all might not even recognize me if I was gonna go there.” Molly credits her weight loss with exercise, cutting back on dairy and detox teas. 


A post shared by Molly Hopkins (@liviraebras1) on Mar 31, 2019 at 3:57pm PDT

2. Her lingerie business

Molly has been keeping busy since her divorce from 27-year-old Luis with her company Livi Rae Lingerie. Her company has traditionally focused on fitting curvy and plus-size women, but also offers bras for women of all shapes and sizes. Making women feel good about their bodies and themselves is Molly's mission. She said: “I’ve actually gotten busier and I’ve been traveling all over the United States. I’m just trying to get my life back in order. I want to be remembered for being a badass at bra fitting and helping women through troubled times, not as some desperate cougar that married a boy from another country." 


A post shared by Molly Hopkins (@liviraebras1) on Jan 22, 2019 at 1:53pm PST

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3. Focus on family

While Molly was married to Luis, her relationship with her family suffered because they didn't trust him. Her relationship with her daughters was under the biggest strain. Her oldest daughter Olivia moved out and in with her boyfriend because she felt like her mom was being selfish. Not too long after that wake up call, Molly and Luis ended their marriage. With that over, Molly turned her focus back to her family. Olivia moved back in and Molly is working on fixing the damage that was done between them. She is also concerned about her brother, who met a woman online from another country and plans on marrying her. Understandably, Molly has some concerns and hopes her brother's relationship doesn't end the way hers did. 


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4. How she found out about Luis's marriage

Molly found out about her ex-husband's marriage via photos that she saw online. Luis remarried just five months after he and Molly split, leading her to think that he knew his new wife before he ever came to the U.S. Luis's new wife is a Dominican woman from New Jersey. 


A post shared by Luis Mendez (@luisemmanuel91) on Jan 11, 2019 at 5:40pm PST

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5. About that sparkly ring on her finger

On April 18th, Molly posted a snap of her manicure on Insta and fans immediately noticed the diamond ring on her left ring finger. People wanted to know if she was engaged. Molly responded "Not yet," with a laughing emoji next to the text. She then went on to say: My bestie gave me that and said until a man who loves me more than she does replaces it, it’s on there."


A post shared by Molly Hopkins (@liviraebras1) on Apr 17, 2019 at 12:04pm PDT

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