New Details About The Nicole Nafziger/Ashley Martson 90-Day Fiancé Feud

They fought on Instagram.

New Details About The Nicole Nafziger/Ashley Martson 90-Day Fiancé Feud tlc

Everyone loves a good feud. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy two people being catty, taking jabs at one another, and creating unnecessary drama? (If you watch the Real Housewives, you know exactly what I mean.) But that drama doesn’t always play out on national television; instead, people take to social media and air their dirty laundry on there.

For fans of 90 Day Fiancé, the recent drama occurred off-screen with the Nicole Nafziger/Ashley Martson feud. Though each woman has appeared on different seasons of the series, that doesn’t make either of them immune to stirring the pot.


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It all started when Nafziger left a comment on blogger John Yates’ Instagram post, openly discussing Martson’s issues in her marriage to Jay Smith. Nafziger wrote in the comment section, “They aren’t very good at keeping secrets before the season starts.”



A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on Apr 22, 2019 at 11:27am PDT

Martson immediately responded, writing, “Maybe if your husband was around you would get sick of his s*** and post out of frustration,” referring to Nafziger’s relationship with Azan Tefou. “This has nothing to do with the season that’s about to air. You are the laughing joke of TLC, everyone knows he doesn’t want you, and that’s why he keeps getting denied to come here. So don’t even go there,” she continued.


Ouch! But it seems like things were patched up quite quickly, with Nafziger deleting the comment and publicly apologizing for what she said.

“She [is] a woman who put her whole heart into a relationship and has been hurt. I know most of y’all have been through something like that so there’s no need to call her names. Be [kind], always. I’m sorry @ashleye_90 and I hope you find true happiness wherever it may come from.”

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Luckily for Nafziger, Martson was more than willing to forgive her and put the past behind them both. She said, “You’re correct and I apologize for being mean to @alwayssnicole and everyone else.”

And Nafziger explained that she, too, forgives. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, she said, “I forgave [Ashley] because I understand what she’s going through. She’s hurt and everyone keeps saying bad things to her. She’s on the defense and I can’t blame her for that. What she said to me isn’t something new. I’ve heard it millions of times from the same people trying to defend me.”



A post shared by Ashley Smith (@ashleye_90) on Apr 17, 2019 at 2:01pm PDT

She also went on to say that she “feels for her,” meaning Martson, especially after the latter reached out on Instagram via private messages. “I forgave her the moment she made the comment. I’m sorry to her that she thought I was trying to throw shade,” Nafziger revealed. “I don’t speak bad to my cast members because I know what it’s like to be on the show. No one knows what’s truly happening off the screen. Love to all 90DF cast members even if I haven’t met them,” she revealed to In Touch Weekly.


Martson also expressed her regret at the words she said, taking to Instagram story to share her thoughts.

“I’ve just been going through a lot and I know it’s not an excuse to act the way that I’ve acted or be mean... [Nicole] was not only kind enough to excepts [sic] my apology, but she also helps me get through a devastating time. I lashed out because I’m so hurt and unhappy with my own life. Not because anything Nicole did.”

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