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30 Best 10-Year Anniversary Gifts Of All Time

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Best 10-Year Anniversary Gifts

A decade together is a giant milestone worthy of a special gift. And not just any present, but a 10-year anniversary gift that will show how far you've come together.

Traditionally, tin and aluminum are symbolic gifts for a 10-year anniversary, as they withstand the test of time, just like your love. But times are changing and modern anniversary gifts can be anything from diamonds (those last too!) to fun, sentimental handmade gifts.

You know each other better than anyone else, and you will know what will click, be it personal, silly, or a little of both. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the best anniversary gifts and gift ideas from all ends of the spectrum.

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1. Posterjack HD Metal Print

The traditional 10-year anniversary gift is aluminum, making an HD Metal Print the perfect gift idea. Like your marriage, an HD Metal Print is built to last: it has a fade-resistant rating of over 100 years.

(Posterjack, $39.99+)

2. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rose

Crafted only in remarkable vintages, this wine is the result of a year of nature’s generosity. The attack is lively and fresh, yet rounded. The palate is intense, generous and powerful, yet delicate with purity of fruit, great finesse and a long, lingering finish.  

(Drinks and Co., $300)

3. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Fitbit’s most affordable smartwatch yet, Versa Lite Edition has features that include activity, sleep and heart rate tracking, notifications, apps and 4+ day battery life, plus bold color choices and an easy one-button design. Versa Lite is easy-to-use, lightweight, and comfortable.

(Fitbit, $159.95)

4. Ninja Foodi

Ninja Foodi is a pressure cooker/air fryer combo that lets you pressure cook food quickly and easily, then finish with a crisp in the same pot, simply by switching the lid. Using Foodi, you get the ease and efficiency of a pressure cooker, without having to sacrifice on texture or taste.

(Ninja Kitchen, $199)

5. Zippo Windproof Lighter

Zippo windproof lighters are a timeless gift that never goes out of style. Celebrate your anniversary with a customizable lighter engraved with your anniversary date, initials, or even a treasured photo.

(Zippo, $18.95)

6. The Macallan Rare Cask  

The Macallan Rare Cask was made for a celebration, so there is nothing better to cheers to 10 years than will a glass of Rare Cask.  

(Reserve Bar, $300)

7. Oval Name Bar Cutout Roman Numeral Silver Necklace

The Oval Name Bar Cutout Roman Numeral Silver Necklace makes a great 10-year anniversary gift. Engrave this piece with the anniversary date for a special way to celebrate this great milestone.

(Eve's Addiction, $74.20)

8. Engravable Keepsake Heart Jewelry Box

The Engravable Keepsake Heart Jewelry Box makes a great anniversary gift for her, and at a great price! Make this a personal gift by adding custom engraving or monogram to the heart lid.

(Eve's Addiction, $21)

9. 3 Stone Vertical Baguette Ring with Accents

The 3 Stone Vertical Baguette Ring with Accents makes a great 10-year anniversary with a personal touch. Add custom engraving with a special message and choice of accent stones to make a thoughtful gift made just for her.

(Jewlr, $139)

10. Everly Bangle

The Everly Bangle is a great anniversary gift for her. Lustrous freshwater pearl details create a classic look and will celebrate this special milestone each time she wears it.

(The 9th Muse, $213)

11. Metal Wedding Song Frame

Personalize this engraved brushed metal picture frame with any song lyrics or wedding vows, and also include your names and wedding date at the bottom. 

(Etsy, $150)

12. Anniversary Wind Chime

This lovely 27-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime is an anniversary gift that won't soon be forgotten. Customization can be personalized to celebrate any anniversary year. It's especially appropriate for the 10-year anniversary, which was traditionally celebrated with a tin or aluminium gift. 

(Etsy, $74)

13. 10-Year Anniversary Mug 

Super cute and funny message on a white ceramic mug will show you care, but also show the reality of a long and happy marriage.

(Etsy, $14.98+)

14. Uuni 3

There are fun ways to slay with silver, like going with a stainless steel portable pizza oven instead. Because nothing says "I love you" more than pizza. Plus, it's a great way to "reignite the flame" by cooking together.


15. Custom Oil Painting

After 10 years, give them a gift they'll never throw away: A custom oil painting made especially for them, with only one like it in the world. Depicteur makes custom oil paintings and aims at giving the ultimate personalized gift. 

(Depicteur, $89)

16. The Cheese Stands Alone Wisconsin Gift Set

Let The Cheese Stands Alone Gift Set be the perfect gift for celebrating 10 years standing by your partner’s side. The set features four of the world’s best cheeses straight from Wisconsin, varying grate-ly in flavor to compliment one another, just like the world’s best couple enjoying it.

(Fromagination, $55)

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17. Diefendorff Watches 

New to the market, Diefendorff is an American watch company offering premium timepieces inspired by history. The watches are born in Brooklyn, assembled in the US, and powered by a Swiss movement. Diefendorff watches are masterfully made and make the perfect milestone gift to acknowledge your partner.

(Diefendorff Watches, $749-$799) 

18. Lulu DK Infinity Locket Necklace

Commemorate this milestone with The Infinity Locket Necklace to capture a special moment in time that you both will reminisce upon for years to come. The 14k gold plated piece speaks for itself with its title — to infinity and beyond.

(Lulu DK, $84) 

19. TIME X BOLD Collection

The joys of life can be found in layers of sweet memories — marriages, anniversaries, birthdays. Numbers tell your story. The pieces in the TIME collection are designed to snugly nestle into each other to create any combination of Roman numerals you choose.  

(Lindsey Scoggins, $2,995)

20. Women Bikini Happy Dots Men Boxer Briefs

Looking for a great gift for your love? You are looking for matching underwear. Wear the best together. Be together everywhere and every time.

(Be Mine Matching Outfits, $10-12)

21. Isabelle Grace Jewelry Mrs. Cuff 

This thick gauge cuff celebrates her and is hand-formed and stamped in the studio. This piece is meant to be worn tight to your wrist and is adjustable. Available in two finishes: NuGold or Nickel Silver.

(Isabelle Grace Jewelry, $38)

22. Wisconsin Alps Gift Set

For the couple with strong personalities, nothing brings the two together quite like un-brie-lievably delicious food. Surprise your significant other with the Wisconsin Alps Gift Set, a mixture of award-winning Wisconsin cheeses with even stronger personalities to match.

(Fromagination, $50-$100)

23. World Travel Map

These maps are perfect anniversary gifts as they can be customized with the couple's name(s) and will allow them to reminisce about all of the places they've visited together. 100 multi-colored push pins are included with every map so any couple can have fun together pinning their adventures. 

(Geojango, starts at $99)

24. Srirachas Yoga Pants

From the outside they look like normal high-end yoga pants, but Srirachas are made specifically for making love with an opening that is hidden from view. Whether he buys them for her or she surprises him, it’s the gift that truly keeps on giving.

(Sriracha Wear, $69.69)

25. Metal Flower from The Harmonist

Created with a blend of three precious rose ingredients, this fragrance gives you the elegant grace of Bulgarian rose essence and the sophistication of rare Rose of May, but also the sharp edge of rosoxyde. Using aldehydes for shine, with silky musks, soothing ylang ylang, and rich patchouli for lasting sensuality, this unusual scent is a modern classic.

(The Harmonist, $295)

26. PlantOGram Utuado Avocado tree

One of the best gifts to celebrate and comemorate your 10-year anniversary is the PlantOGram Utuado Avocado tree. It can be container-grown for those that love in small spaces, and it makes a great stately indoor plant and produces fresh avocados.

(Plantogram, $119.60) 

27. Docking Station with Engraved Name Plate

This premium docking station is a desktop or nightstand valet to charge your phone and hold watches, jewelry, glasses, and pens. That's useful, but the custom engraved metal plate is great addition to make a lovely anniversary present.

(Etsy, $39.95+)

28. Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring for Men 

A custom-made meteorite and dinosaur bone ring for men. It's a perfect understated piece that is rugged and masculine, just like him. 

(Etsy, $212.50)

29. '10 Years Later I Still Pick You' Guitar Pick

This guitar pick has been stamped to read "10 years later, I still pick you" around the edge. But couples can also add stamped initials in the middle to make it even more custom.

(Etsy, $12+)

30. Cloud Water in Blood Orange & Coconut

For the couple that is stressed from always running around, gift a case of sparkling CBD-infused water Cloud Water. An elevated CBD beverage with 25mg of cannabidoil (two times more than most CBD drinks on the market), this is the perfect way to offer some respite for his busiest weeks.

(Cloud Water, $54/6-pack)

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