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33 Morning Affirmations & Positive Quotes To Start Your Day Off Right

When people ask me where I get my confidence from, there are a couple answers I give. “Have you SEEN me?”, “Tequila”, “I honestly don’t know ” or “Daily affirmations.” 

In case you haven’t heard of affirmations before, I’ll give you a quick overview. 

An affirmation is basically a statement you say to yourself that positively reinforces the fact that you are worthy. 

They can be self-made, spontaneous and geared towards any doubts or negative thoughts you may have, which is what makes them so powerful.

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Imagine you have a tiny life coach sitting with you (Ratatouille style) all day, every day, telling you that you’re killing it.

This little life coach cheers on your good decisions and reminds you of all the reasons you should love yourself. Okay, that’s a little creepy, so maybe that's a bad example. But think about it like this: You are cheering yourself on throughout the good and bad times. A little better, right? 

The idea of affirmations is to program your mind to think about the good in situations instead of focusing on the bad things. It’s about getting yourself accustomed to hearing positive things, and to reaffirm your self-confidence. 

This list of 33 best positive morning affirmations and uplifting positive quotes you can say to yourself daily is a great way to get your foot wet with affirmations and to get started on the path to more self-confidence and a more positive future.

1. Give thanks for what's to come.

"Today, I will be grateful for the things that go right."  Unknown

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2. Get ready for an awesome day.

"Today is my day."  Unknown

3. Reinforce body positivity.

"I may not love everything about my body, but I do love _____."  Unknown

4. Remind yourself that you're loved.

"There are so many people who love me."  Unknown

5. Tell yourself you're stronger than adversity. 

"Whatever challenges come today, I can overcome them."  Unknown

6. You can make a difference.

"My contribution to the world is valuable."  Unknown

7. Change others' lives, too.

"My presence on the planet today will impact others."  Unknown

8. Be productive.

"Today I will do something worth doing."   Unknown

9. All you can do is your best.

"Today, I will do my best to love the person I see in the mirror."  Unknown

10. Take advantage of the day.

"This day is full of possibilities, and I will make the most of them."  Unknown

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11. You have everything you need.

"I have all I need to make today a great day."  Unknown

12. Find ways to be happy with what you have.

"I will find a reason to be content with my life."  Unknown

13. Stay patient.

"I am patient and calm, and I will keep those feelings in me all day long."  Unknown

14. Make your mark.

"I am grateful for another day to make a positive contribution."  Unknown

15. You're alive. Act like it.

"I am happy to be alive."  Unknown

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16. Some people don't wake up.

"Feeling my body wake up is a privilege."  Unknown

17. It's all about your choices.

"Today, I will chose to nourish good thoughts."  Unknown

18. Think better.

"Today, I will choose to be aware of my thoughts and choose a better thought if needed."  Unknown

19. Form relationships, and make lasting friends.

"It is safe for me to connect with people."   Unknown

20. No one is ever alone.

"I can feel that I am not alone."  Unknown

21. There is no limit to innovation.

"I am a magnet for ideas today."  Unknown

22. You are an individual.

"I have unique talents, skills, and abilities."  Unknown

23. Listen to yourself.

"I honor my inner voice."   Unknown

24. You can do this.

"I am capable."  Unknown

25. Every day is worth living.

"Life is valuable, and so is today."  Unknown

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26. Create the life you want.

"I am the architect of my life, and I will build something worth building."  Unknown

27. Happiness is a choice.

"Today, I will chose joy in any way I can."   Unknown

28. You are on this earth for a reason.

"Today is a reminder that I am alive and I have a purpose."  Unknown

29. Seek out opportunities.

"Today is an opportunity to learn and grow."   Unknown

30. Just wait.

"Wonderful things are always just around the corner."  Unknown

31. Life is worth the struggle.

"Every moment I am alive is a moment worth living."  Unknown

32. You are so important.

"I am beautiful in hundreds of important ways."  Unknown

33. Living your life to the fullest is your decision.

"This life is mine to enjoy, and it is up to me to do so."  Unknown

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