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What You Should Be Laughing About During National Humor Month, Per Astrology

What Makes You Laugh During National Humor Month, By Zodiac Sign

Happy National Humor Month everyone! Whether you love memes, knock knock jokes, cutting sarcasm, or food puns, a sense of humor is a vital part of our everyday lives. 

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National Humor Month begins on April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. It takes place during each Aries Sun season, which is symbolic of childhood, fun, playfulness and taking life as it comes.

We use humor to make people happy, make it through the day, capitilize on a funny moment, break the ice at parties and so much more. And while it is a common ground that we can (for the most part) all relate to, we all have very different views of what is actually funny, and some times this can be revealed by your zodiac sign. 

An Aries is a leader and she might find humor in things related to business. A Scorpio is a dark personality and personal so avoiding jokes about invading privacy might be smart, but changing the wifi password to FBI Watching could get a chuckle.

You know exactly what I mean: it's the difference between sharing a meme to your facebook timeline or sliding into your roommate's DMs with that one really specific meme you just KNOW that they will love. 

So let's celebrate national humor month with a little humor appreciation and a few laughs, by discovering your sense of humor, with astrology.

Here is how to make yourself smile more during this amazing month of laughter, by horoscope sign.


Aries: Relatable Content

An Aries loves what I like to call relatable content memes. These are the memes that are specific to a group of people and refer to a specific problem they have to deal with. An Aries may love those sport memes that talk about that one sport struggle that athletes all deal with but no one else really gets. Another revelant example is that a dear friend of mine who is an Aries is really into those 'basic girl' memes, where it says something like this:

"No one:

Every white girl: 'I would DIE for an iced coffee right now. Have you ever tried pink Moscato champagne?"

Even if you don't totally get the joke, hypothetically, this is a specific scenario that someone else can relate to and laugh about.


Taurus: Internet Videos

A Taurus loves weird internet videos. A very real example of this is a friend of mine retweeting a video of Guy FIeri throwing an autographed lean cuisine into a crowd. Why did it happen? I don't know. What was the purpose? No clue. But is a Taurus crying laughing on the ground watching it? Sources say yes. 


Gemini: Witty Humor

A Gemini is intelligent and sociable, drawing them into humor such as comical sketches, comedians, funny puns, etc. This kind of humor requires more interest and attention than your average tweet or facebook meme, but is still genuinely funny enough to get a laugh out of almost anyone. It doesn't require huge background knowledge to understand, but it's the perfect anecdote for a social setting, which makes this type of humor perfect for a Gemini. 

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Cancer: Niche Humor

It's the type of jokes that you only understand if you're in the inner circle. You'd have to be a superfan of a specific TV show to get the joke. My little sister is a Cancer, and can quote the Office, Parks and Rec, and Friends like no other. She'll show me memes from our favorite TV shows, and sometimes I have no idea what they mean despite the fact that I'd call myself a fan. Basically, their humor is nerdy to the next level, and we love them for it. I have no idea what that joke means, but I'm still gonna like it on Facebook because I care. 


Leo: Meme Lord Extraordinaire/Situational Humor

A Leo has the perfect meme for EVERY situation. Their twitter is full to the brim of gifs, videos, and photos that somehow communicate EXACTLY how you feel in a given situation. I don't know why the video of Big Bird kicking down a door is EXACTLY how I feel when my siblings get in the shower before I get the chance, but a Leo is right: it captures my emotional state perfectly. 


Virgo: Dumb Humor

As a Virgo, I feel comfortble calling my sense of humor dumb. Not because it's actually stupid, but because there's not really a rhyme or reason to what makes me laugh. Virgos are pretty lighthearted, and tend to feel good about laughing along with any type of humor, but when something REALLY hits their funny bone they will think about it for WEEKS. And they'll bring it up again a month later. Two years ago I watched a video of some guy playing a violin with no strings and I still make people watch that every time I think of it. 

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Libra: "Laughing WITH you."

As a more straightlaced sign, Libras often find other people's humor to be funny. Maybe they don't think the joke is hilarious, but they have to admit, watching you laugh at that meme is pretty hilarious and cute on it's own. Because they are very social by habit, this makes spending time with others even more exciting. 


Scorpio: Roasts, and not a Honey Roast.

A Scorpio will roast you until you are extremely well done.  Their sense of humor comes from a place of love most of the time, so their roasts don't sting too badly. But they will make fun of you and everyone else around until everyone there is feeling sassy and laughing along. They genuinely love just being sassy and funny, and putting people down in a fun way. 


Sagittarius: Self-Depreciating

Often a Sagittarius isn't too outspoken when it comes to humor. They tend to be one of the quieter signs. But they are a great person to tease and make fun of, as they'll play right along with you. They are more than willing to joke about themselves and enjoy being roasted, because they know it means you love them. 

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Capricorn: Dry Humor

A Capricorn's sense of humor is very dry. They love irony, and use sarcasm as a tool to make comments about the world and the people around them in a funny, and yet very real way. This kind of humor is very practical and restrained, which makes it perfect for a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Intellectual Humor

We all recognize Aquarius as a very intellectual sign. Their sense of humor follows suit, fueled by intellect. An Aquarius won't be the type to laugh at fart jokes, but they can't resist a clever line or good pun. One of their guilty pleasures is the Shakespeare meme that translates raunchy song lyrics into high English. They also enjoy political cartoons and humor, especially when done in speeches or subtle roasts in papers.

Pisces: Criticism of Society

A Pisces is a sucker for a good political commentary. They love sketches that focus on current events and major happenings and live for people calling each other out online. Their interests are served well with their sense of humor, as it allows them to be active while being funny.

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