Who Is Jason Alexander? New Details About Britney Spears' Ex

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Who Is Jason Alexander? New Details About Britney Spears' Ex

In 2004, news broke that pop diva Britney Spears had eloped, and in Las Vegas, of all places! The marriage didn't last long (just 54 hours, depending on who you ask), but the public couldn't get enough of the news or of the pictures, Britney in a trucker's hat wearing ripped jeans strutted down the island to marry a man... nobody had ever heard of before! 

The man in question was a friend of Britney's from childhood named Jason Alexander. While he and Britney have been divorced for a long time now, her name will always be linked to his. That's why the recent news about his criminal past has people in an internet frenzy. 

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1. Britney's Battle


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In no secret that Britney Spears has struggled and continues to struggle to manage her mental health. Some people were born lucky. They never have to stop and think about whether or not their own brain is turning against them. For people who aren't so lucky, Spears is a worthwhile role model. After years of strife, she's gotten her life in order. 

Of course, that doesn't mean that she lives a struggle-free life. In fact, just last week news broke that the singer was admitted to a mental health treatment facility to help put her back on the straight and narrow. As Britney works hard to keep everything that she has fought for, news about her ex-husband Jason Alexander's life of criminality are finally coming to light. 

2. Jason's Criminal Past 

The fine folks at Radar recently did some digging in Alexander's past and found some surprising and dark details. While Britney was able to get Jason in and out her life pretty darn quickly, her name is always going to be connected to him, and when you find out what Radar discovered about the guy, you'll get why Britney might be nervous. 

For example, they learned that on July 3, 2016, he was arrested by St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. His charges? Operating a vehicle while intoxicated and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Though it was just one night, Jason landed in a world of trouble. The ramifications were serious. 

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3. The Night In Question 

Ultimately, Alexander pleaded guilty to one of the charges (the misdemeanor DWI charge). He went to jail in Covington, ironically just an hour away from Britney's own childhood Louisana home in Kentwood. Geographically they might be close, but that's about it. 

Jason Alexander wound up being sentenced to two full years of probations. Per the terms of the arrangement with the police, Jason had to do more than 30 hours of community service, in addition to completing a driver improvement course, a substance abuse course, and showing up to volunteer in sessions hosted by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).

4. Not His First Offense 

While Jason's brush with the law in 2016 certainly wasn't any good, frankly, it pales in comparison with some of his other crimes. While he could have seriously hurt someone while driving, he didn't. But during his previous brush with the law in 2015, he did hurt someone, and someone close to him at that. Alexander was arrested for beating up his ex-girlfriend. 

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According to records from the time, Jason and his ex were hanging out and having a fun night of drinking. But when her dog started to growl at Jason, he didn't respond well. This led to a beating so violent that his girlfriend actually had to use crushes afterward. 

5. A Violent Man 

The story about Jason attacking his ex and her dog is a shocking one. “When he got violent with the dog, he snapped,” claimed an insider. After attacking her dog Jason reportedly went out to smoke a cigarette Wisely, his ex decided to lock him out of the apartment and Jason exploded. 

There are 911 recordings of her reaching out for help as Jason knocked her door down and beat her. Her screams can be heard throughout the recordings. It's exactly as awful as you'd think it would be.  At one point, she did her best to escape the scene but according to records from the time, he “grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the steps … along the sidewalk and threw her into the bushes."

It's amazing he's only got a DUI charge since then. 

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