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We Tried Out The New Inkbox Semi-Permanent Tattoos That Are All Over Instagram And We're Kind Of Obsessed

temporary tattoos inkbox review semi-permanent tattoos

Between companies like Inkbox that provide temporary semi-permanent tattoos that can last up to two weeks and companies like Momentary Ink that provide higher quality versions of the stick on tattoos that we loved as kids in a plethora of realistic designs there are SO MANY options in the way of temporary tattoos nowadays!

Whether it’s to get a feel for what it would be like to actually be inked up or a mere whim to add a pretty aspect to a look for a special occasion; temporary tattoos have you covered.

Inkbox is probably a better option for feeling like you actually have a tattoo for a week or two as this option actually dyes your skin temporarily (so it won’t come off easily), whereas a stick-on tattoo is only going to last 2-5 days and may chip unevenly.

We decided to try some Inkbox tattoos and we had some mixed reviews. Although I'm mildly obsessed. Here is the one I tried once it was fully developed (it takes 24-36 hours to fully develop after the application):

While I absolutely LOVED this tattoo, I do feel like I must talk about the few downsides (although, there were only a few).

First, it takes longer to put on compared to other temporary tattoos. It takes 15 MINUTES of pressure as opposed to the 30 seconds for stick-on tats AND then you must wait 5 minutes without letting it touch anything and then you wash it delicately. It’s kind of a pain (but obviously way less painful than a real tattoo).

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Secondly, it sort of hurts when you peel off the application adhesive. OK. Fine. It hurt quite a bit. My husband pulled it off for me because of the awkward placement and he commented that it “looked like it hurt worse than his REAL tattoo did”.

However, I didn’t shave like you’re supposed to because I assumed that this step was meant for men, but then I was wincing as it pulled off my delicate little arm hairs. Everyone has body hair, so grow up and shave the area — don’t make my mistake!

Lastly, it didn’t last as long as I had hoped. I purposely didn’t wash the inside of my arm while I had the tattoo AND I applied a thin layer of lotion in hopes of making it last longer and it still was only solid for about 6-8 days. However, I’m convinced that it faded quickly because of where I placed it (on the inside of my left arm). I sleep with that arm against my torso and I think that made my skin flake faster.

After 8 days it looked like this:

I’d still recommend an Inkbox tattoo despite the pain and the disappointment in duration (I think that’s a “me thing”). I have another one ready to go for next month.

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We also had one of our other editors try out the Inkbox freehand ink — which is the same ink they use in their patches, but instead you can "freehand" a custom design of your own. 

Admittedly, freehanding a tattoo requires a certain set of artistic skills, but being that her husband is a professional artist, she figured she had this in the bag. 

"Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as it looked. We watched probably 10 tutorials on YouTube trying to find the right design and learn all the tricks but when it actually comes to sitting down and drawing with a tube you have to squeeze a line of ink out of, all of our artistic skills went out the window. Not only did it take forever to apply and set the tattoo (probably 15-20 minutes to apply and then an hour of sitting completely still), we still came out with bubbles and uneven lines, and it pretty much looked like we drew on ourselves with sharpie marker 24 hours later."

Not to mention trying to draw meticulous lines on people who are moving — she says she wouldn't recommend trying freehand on your kids. She learned the hard way when she had to clean the ink off of the bed post a mere 5 minutes after she applied it on her son.

As with anything, free-handing your own semi-permanent ink takes practice. But ultimately, if you're looking for a temporary tattoo, it's because you want to try out rocking something fun on your body without the worry of having to regret it forever — if you want art on your skin it may be wise to hire a professional tattoo artist.

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But until then, we've gathered 20 of our favorite temporary tattoos from all over the web for you to consider when you're up for trying something new. And who knows? Maybe you'll end up getting one of these tattooed on you permanently down the road.

1. Unicorn Temporary Tattoo

Unicorns are SO in right now. Add a feminine touch to this delicate unicorn with this temp ink.

2. Watercolor Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

This cascading butterflies go from orange to pink to purple in a gorgeous watercolor design. This one would probably look best on the shoulder.

3. Realistic Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

This light blue and light green butterfly with a realistic body is a pretty and delicate temp tattoo that will look great in all kinds of places.

4. Floral Arm Temporary Tattoo

These peonies in black and blue are gorgeous yet simple.

5. Flamingo Temporary Tattoo In Pink

This pink flamingo surrounded by flowers and polka dots is a feminine spin on a unique bird tattoo.

6. Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoo

This colorful bouquet is realistic and would look fantastic almost anywhere.

7. Mermaid Scales Temporary Tattoo

This mermaid inspired temporary tat is a great way to get in the mood for your next trip to the beach this summer!

8. “Painted” Floral Temporary Tattoo

This temp tat looks like it was painted in fluorescent paint with dots for detail. This is a great unique and fun one to wear for those summer festivals.

9. Watercolor Compass Temporary Tattoo

This black compass with watercolor background is a fun one to put on your upper back to “lead you where you need to go” this summer.

10. Abstract Floral Temporary Tattoo

This floral temp tat plays with color in such a way that the flowers look almost dreamlike.

11. Words Of Encouragement Temporary Tattoo

This tattoo reminds one to “stop and smell the roses” and is encircled by delicate and simple little roses.

12. Watercolor Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo

Looking like it was painted with watercolor paints, this hummingbird is gorgeous shades and blue and purple and will look happy on your shoulder.

13. Simple Black Lotus Flower Semi-Permanent Tattoo

This tattoo is brought to us by Inkbox (someone on Pinterest used their freehand ink to draw it) and is a simple lotus flower with dots for detail.

14. Flower Dream Catcher Temporary Tattoo

This floral dream catcher with feathers coming off of it adds a feminine and mystical aspect to your back (or chest).

15. Sparkly Heart Temporary Tattoo

Super simple, yet feminine and pretty; this simple pink heart with sparkles is sure to catch everyone's eye in the sun this summer.

16. Vine With Flowers Semi-Permanent Tattoo

This elaborate temp tattoo looks best on the leg and is a mesmerizing array of flowers and shapes.

17. “Let It Be” Temporary Tattoo

Sometimes we all need a reminder to let go of the negativity and to embrace the positive things in life and go with the flow. This is the perfect tattoo to keep things in perspective for you. With the words “Let it be” seeming to ride a wave across your foot, you’re sure to be able to put things in perspective (at least for the 2-5 days this tattoo decorates your foot).

18. Simple Pink Flowers Temporary Tattoo

For those seeking to try out a smaller flower tattoo, this is a great choice. It looks best on the inside of your arm and adds a feminine touch to any look.

19. Flowers Up The Arm Temporary Tattoo

This vintage collection of colorful flowers adds beauty in the chaos and would look great in several places (personally, I’d be feeling down the rip cage).

20. Dandy Semi-Permanent Tattoo

Another Inkbox tattoo, this simple black flower is called “dandy” and looks great in several places. Plus, it’s only $16 on their website.

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Nicole Bradley-Bernard is a writer who needs coffee more than she needs anyone’s approval. She enjoys putting bright colors in her curly brown hair, spending time outside on cool days and being with her partner in life, Eric, who she considers a continuing source of inspiration.