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Who Is Domeanna Spell? Family Ask For Helping Finding Runaway Teen

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Who Is Domeanna Spell?

Domeanna Spell was supoosed to get off the bus at school last week but she never arrived in her classroom. Now police and her family are desperate for information about where the 15 year old could be today.

Last Thursday, Spell was expected at her Louisiana high school as usual, but that morning her parents received a call from the school saying she had never shown up in homeroom that morning. Her parents immediately reported her missing and now police say they and the family suspect she has run off with Cory Shane Disotell, 47, a family friend with whom the teen is suspected of having an intimate relationship.

Domeanna’s sister posted to social media that they may be in Mississippi but so far there are no real leads about where the pair should be. If caught, Disotell faces multiple felony charges for contributing to the delinquency of the minor and statutory rape.

What happened to Domeanna Spell? Read on for all the details.

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1. Family friend

Spell’s family allegedly knew Disotell and were initially unsuspicious about Domeanna spending time with him. According to an interview her sister  Jerrie Cradeur did with local news, Disotell had hired Domeanna to baby-sit for his granddaughter and she spent time at his house doing that. She even returned home with money that he had paid her. Later the family discovered that he didn’t have a granddaughter and the arrangement was a pretense for him to be alone with Domeanna. Once the parents realized that the pair was having an inappropriate relationship, they tried to cut off contact between them, banning Disotell from their home and telling Domeanna to stay away from him. Disotell responded by saying he wanted to marry the teen. 

Domeanna Spell has been missing for a week.

2. Run away

The family and police think that Domeanna left willingly with Disotell, because of her feelings for him. Her sister says “He probably has her believing that she’s safe with him, that she’s madly in love with him.” Cradeur went on to say that they don’t think Disotell would harm Domeanna but he does have a reputation for aggression.

The FBI are assisting in the investigtion.

3. Corey Disotell

Not only is Disotell more than 30 years older than Domeanna, he has a divorce and a bankruptcy in his past. He also claims to be the owner of a tree removal service but Lousiana records show that the company’s limited liability license was revoked in 2016. He does not have a criminal record of any kind.

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The family thinks Domeanna has been brainwashed.

4. Felony Charges

Disotell faces multiple felony charges once he and Domeanna are found, despite the fact that she agreed to leave her home with him. He could likely be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. He also stands to be charged with statutory rape if police can confirm a sexual relationship between the pair. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17 years old and Domeanna is only 15, making any intimate contact between her and Disotel a criminal matter.

Domeanna is 15 - two years below the age of consent in Louisiana.

5. Search

The family and police are working to find where the pair may have gone since last week. Police Chief Deon Boudreaux has said “We are working diligently and tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned. I’m extremely thankful for the help and support we are receiving not only from these agencies but also from the public that are reaching out to us with information. Family and friends of Domeanna expressed their love for her, miss her dearly and are praying for her safe return.”

The FBI are also involved in the investigation and she has been placed on the registry of missing and exploited children.

Family is desperate to find the missing teen.

6. Clues

Cradeur has posted on social media asking for help in locating her younger sister. In one Facebook post, she says “It’s highly believed my sister Domeanna and Shane are located some where in Mississippi area. They are unable to pin point their exact location just yet. They are in a gray 4 door Honda Civic. A bolo has gone out and the FBI are now involved. Let’s hope they can find her and bring her home.”

She had started a GoFundMe campaign to help her family pay the costs of driving around the region posting signs to assist in finding her sister.

The pair may be in Mississippi.

Spell is described as as 5’2” and weighing 105 pounds. She was last seen with long, light brown hair and has blue/hazel eyes, though she may have used hair dye or colored contacts to alter her appearance. If anyone has information about her whereabouts, they can call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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