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Did Jennie Garth Get Plastic Surgery?

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Did Jennie Garth Get Plastic Surgery?

Whether or not you watched Beverly Hills 90210 when it first hit the air or you caught reruns when the show went into syndication, you know that the show had a major impact on the culture. The story of twins from modest means trying to fit in with the young elite certainly struck a chord and now, years later, we all hold a soft spot for the show and we're all curious about what its alums are up to now. 

Stars of the show Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling became great friends during the show's 10 season run. In fact, they are still friends today! When Jennie shared a snap of their recent trip to Israel fans should have been over the moon. But unfortunately, they focused on something else altogether: Jennie's face. Speculation is running rampant. Has Jennie Garth had plastic surgery? Here's where the rumor started and what we know about its truth. 

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1. The Post That Started The Rumors

The post that started it all. 

The reactions to Jennie Garth's alleged plastic surgery started on April Fool's day, but don't get it twisted. This wasn't a prank. The actress and her bestie (and former co-worker) Tori Spelling were on a trip to Israel and decided to celebrate the moment by taking a selfie. 

“Working with my favorite partner in crime!” Garth, 46, is what she wrote in her caption. “Thank you @castrofashion @castrofashion_kids #israel We Israel @90210onfox @torispelling.” But her trip to Israel and her bonding experience with a friend was not what people were commenting on. Instead, they kept chiming in to point out something odd: the strange transformation her face seemed to undergo. Was it plastic surgery or just bad makeup? 

2. Her Fans Were NOT Fans!

Fans who commented on the post didn't hesitate to say EXACTLY what they were thinking. Many wondered if it was plastic surgery, while others kept it simple by just bashing the actress's "botch job". Little did they know that Jennie Garth is far from a shrinking violet. She was quick to step into the Instagram fray and engage with her fans and erstwhile detractors, all the while pointedly staying mum about whatever she's had done. 

“Oh Jennie! You are beautiful & don’t need all that Botox! Sadly you are unrecognizable here!” said one fan sadly. Imagine her surprise when Garth chimed in with a deeply sarcastic and simple two word respond: “thank you?” Another commenter mentioned that Jennie “seems so fake,” Garth, who it must be said is a saint for tolerating this nonsense on her own Instagram page, replied to this commenter by saying,  “Nope, I’m human.”

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3. Her 90210 Roots 


#tbt to when I was an angsty teen (at least in a TV movie about angsty teens) #teenbeatdreams

A post shared by Jennie  (@jenniegarth) on Feb 7, 2019 at 10:57am PST

Vintage Kelly.

Hollywood isn't kind to women of a certain age. Let's be real, Hollywood isn't kind to women in general unless you make sure to abide by a very specific set of rules and ruffle absolutely zero feathers. One of those unwritten rules is that you always have to look young, thin, and totally hot. For Jennie, an actress who rose to fame playing a teenager, it's even tougher.

She doesn't just feel pressure to look good. She feels pressure to look like she did on the show that made her famous, Beverly Hills 90210. Alongside actress and bestie Tori Spelling,  Jennie was the only original member of the cast of the show who stayed on for the entire 10 season run. She isn't just a star, she's integral to the legacy that is 90210. 

4. Not The First Media Firestorm She's Faced


These women  #internationalwomensday #sisters

A post shared by Jennie  (@jenniegarth) on Mar 8, 2019 at 2:30pm PST

Jennie's daughters. 

This isn't the first time that Jennie Garth has held strong while facing serious backlash from fans, and not over something nearly as frivolous as whether or not she's had plastic surgery, either. When her former co-star and very dear friend Luke Perry died on March 4th, 2019, the actress was devastated. She didn't post anything on social media initially about his passing, but that all changed after a photo of her daughters started getting hit with repeated, angry comments from fans who felt like they deserved to know why she was staying silent. Finally, she broke and told the truth. 

“Hey everyone … I chose to post a pic of my girls today. Because they are my life. Because today is a day to celebrate all women,” she wrote in the comments section of a photo of her three daughters on March 8 (a.k.a International Women’s Day). “It took a lot for me to want to celebrate anything. I thought about it and I know that’s the way my dear friend would have wanted it. [Luke’s] kids were his life. And anyone who knew him knows that and knows he didn’t give a f*#k about social media. So please don’t assume or judge or make rude comments. That’s really uncool. Sincerely, Jennie.”

5. So What's The Real Story? 

A woman's woman.

Jennie Garth may have engaged with many members of her fanbase when they started asking her questions and insulting her looks. But there was notably once subject she didn't address head-on: whether or not she had recently gone under the knife. It's right to not say or say whatever she wants, it's her life, her body, and all that jazz, but there is something (other than the changes to her appearance that could point to her having surgery. 

In 2016 after marrying a younger man Jennie Garth appeared on the red carpet and looked dramatically unlike herself. Her face was so puffy she couldn't smile, and her skin had an unnatural sheen. It was then that rumors about plastic surgery began to circulate, and they say if you've done it once chances are you'll go back for mom. Maybe that's the case here, too! 

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