Who Is Sophie Perry? New Details About Luke Perry's Daughter — And The Beautiful Tribute She Wrote For Him

She made a touching tribute to her father.

Who Is Sophie Perry? New Details About Luke Perry's Daughter — And The Beautiful Tribute She Wrote For Him instagram

Teen heartthrob Luke Perry passed away Monday after complications from a stroke. He was only 52 years old. 

Since then, there has been outpouring from all over, including fans, co-stars, and former castmates, praising the actor for his kindness, talent, and down to earth attitude. Colin Hanks even posted about a flight with a screaming child, in which Perry came out from first class to blow up a balloon for the child in attempts to calm them down.


This, along with other anecdotes from co-stars, show just how missed the actor will be. And now, more than ever, his family surely appreciates the love they have received from all over the country and the world. Perry was especially proud of being a father to his two children, Jack and Sophie.

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In 2017, in an interview with Us Weekly, Perry talked about being a father in real life, as well as playing one on television, sayig. “My personal family is really all I care about and I think everyone can relate to that. You love your family and you care about them, that’s the main thing about [Fred Andrews] that I connect to. It’s hard to tell people how to raise their kids and I’m certainly no authority on raising children, but love them as much as you can and talk to them as much as you can, make time for them.”


It’s clear he loved being a father, but what do we know about his youngest, Sophie? Who is Sophie Perry? Here are six things to know about her life and how she’s dealing with the passing of her father.

1. She broke her silence on his passing.

She made a sweet post on her Instagram, thanking people for their outpouring of love over the last week.

2. Her mother is Rachel “Minnie” Sharp.

Like and Minnie were married in 1993 and divorced in 2003, three years after Sophie was born. There were rumors that Minnie had sent Luke lingerie when she was a fan, though Luke said they met at a restaurant. They dated for two years before marrying.


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3. She has an older brother.

Jack Perry, now 21, is three years older than 18-year-old Sophie. He’s an up-and-coming professional wrestler using the name “Jungle Boy Nate Coy.” He’s appeared at multiple events in the independent wrestling scene, including Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Pro Wrestling Revolution, and All Pro Wrestling. He recently signed with All Elite Wrestling.

4. She was in Africa when he suffered a stroke.



A post shared by Sophie Perry (@lemonperry) on Aug 20, 2018 at 4:46pm PDT

According to a September 2018 post on her Instagram, Sophie was planning on traveling to Malawi “for 6 months to work on community development projects.” However, she flew back to the states and was at his side when he passed away.


5. Her dad joked that she should never date anyone like Dylan McKay.



A post shared by Sophie Perry (@lemonperry) on Nov 5, 2018 at 11:57am PST

In an Us Weekly Facebook Live chat back in 2017, Perry said he hoped Sophie never ended up with someone like his Beverly Hills, 90210 character: “I know that brother, I know what he’s up to. He’s absolutely a man of character, so she could do worse. But it wouldn’t be my first pick, no.”

6. Sophie was extremely close with her dad.

Though she doesn’t have many posts on her Instagram, there is one from her prom, in which Perry is kissing her on the cheek.



A post shared by Sophie Perry (@lemonperry) on Jun 26, 2018 at 4:31pm PDT

We extend our condolences to the Perry family at this time.


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