How Did Jed Allen Die? New Details About The '90210' Star's Death At 84

He was 84.

How Did Jed Allen Die? New Details About The '90210' Star's Death Instagram

Jed Allen has died. The death of the former soap star and actor in "Beverly Hills" and "90210" was announced by his son, Rick Brown, on Saturday via a heartfelt Facebook post.

“So sorry to post the very sad news of my father’s passing tonight,” Brown wrote. “He died peacefully and was surrounded by his family and loved so much by us and so many others.”

"Thank you for all who are part of this wonderful tribute to my dad on Facebook."


Ian Ziering, who played Allen's son on "90210," also posted a heartfelt tribute, which included a photo of them smiling as their father-son characters. 

“So sad to hear we’ve lost another 90210 classmate,” he wrote. “I had the pleasure of working with Jed Allan from 94 to 99. He played Rush Sanders, Steve’s father. Such a great guy to work with, he will be missed.”

Allen's death comes only days after Luke Perry, another "90210" actor, died following a stroke. 

So how did Jed Allen die? Here's what we know.

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1. His cause of death is unclear. 

An official cause of death has not been released, but he was 84, so it's likely he died of natural causes. 

2. He is survived by his three children.

Allan is survived by his three sons, Mitch, Dean and Rick. He had them with wife Toby Brown.


3. His wife died in 2001.

Toby Druger Brown married Allan in 1958. She worked as an interior decorator. 

Sadly, she died in an accident in June 2001. He spoke highly about her in interview once.

"My wife shows herself particularly exceptional in this art. She is very close to my children. In fact, we all idolize her at home."


"I would have wished, as a child, to know the same conditions of blowing. Never my mother sat down to speak to me. My father did not even have the time of that. Toby, my children and I are very friendly in our family relations. We embrace ourselves and we grasp ourselves a lot. We are very conclusive in our affections.”

He never remarried after her death.

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4. He discovered his passion for acting at a young age.

While he was attending the University of Washington (where he was studying drama), he worked as a radio and television announcer. He also appeared several times on Broadway before going on to star in several soap operas such as "Days of Our Lives," "Beverly Hills," "General Hospital" and "90210."


Outside of soap operas, he starred in "Lassie" as Forest Ranger Scott Turner for three years.

5. His fellow soap stars paid tribute. 

A. Martinez, who worked with Allan on "Santa Barbara" wrote about what it was like to witness the actor's "fearless" work.

“Jed was a pro’s pro in every sense, and an inspired artist in the moments when the red lights came on — he was fearless, and his work moved millions,” he wrote. 


“I first met him in the early seventies, when his son Mitch Brown and I were castmates on the TV series, The Cowboys. With his effervescent wife Toby at his side, he quietly asked me to keep a watchful eye out for Mitch, as it was his first gig. Jed was already a star by then, and he was as warm and articulate and charming as anyone I’d ever met. A decade later, when he came to Santa Barbara, the show finally began to find its eventually glorious stride. I LOVED working with him, as did everyone else who got the chance."

“Years later, he visited me backstage during the difficult run of a play I was doing — offered typically generous support — and then spoke of the loss of Toby, the love of his life, who had passed away shortly before, with literally no warning. (It was hard to imagine a human being missing another more…) In my dream, the two of them are dancing together again tonight — a great comfort to all who’ve known and loved them over the years. Condolences now to their wonderful sons, and gratitude to Jed for his unerring joy in the telling of stories, and for offering always the embrace of his massive heart." 

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