5 TV Couples Who Should Take Their Love Off-Screen

It's fall TV season again! Here's why these on-screen pairs would make great real-life couples.

Hannah Simone and Max Greenfield

The summer is ending, which means we won't be seeing too many more celebs-on-the-beach photos. (Wait, who are we kidding? Life is one long vacation for the rich and famous.) 

However, we will get to see a fair share of awesome TV shows coming back this fall! We can't wait to glue ourselves to the tube and watch the romances blossom between these five couples on our favorite series. In fact, they should probably take their romances off-screen, too. The chemistry is just too good! Prime-Time TV Couples: Which Ones Will Last?


Here are 5 TV couples we think should date in real life:

1. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl
Come on, you know that their chemistry on-screen is pretty obvious -- and to think that it all started in season one in the back of his limo. Now, it's the final season of the hit CW series, but we hope to still see Chuck and Blair (or "Chair," as we like to call them) live on. They would be adorbs in the streets of NYC! He brings out the wild, fun side of her, and she brings out his softer side. Even though he's all "no relationships," we think these two would be quite the pair off-screen. Gossip Girl comes back Monday, October 8 on the CW


2. Matt Latner and AnnaLynn McCord: 90210
These two are the new Dylan and Brenda! At least, we think so. Latner plays Liam, the bad boy, while McCord plays hot Naomi, who appears to be stuck up and snobby. However, after Liam discovers who she really is, he falls hard. The two have been spotted out together offset but have never confirmed their relationship status. He seems so sweet, and with their amazing looks, hot bodies, and what seem to be great personalities, we want these to hookup, now!

3. Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone: New Girl
Cece and Schmidt are the friends of Zooey Deschanel's Jess on the show New Girl, and the two have some of the most hilarious and cute scenes together. He's a total player on-camera, but off, we can't help but see that these two would look smokin' hot together! They were once awkwardly laying naked in the backseat of a car together – they obviously feel comfortable together! C'mon you two, do it for Schmidty fans! Exclusive! Zooey Deschanel Knows The Pain Of Love Gone Bad

4. Johnny Galeki and Kaley Cuoco: The Big Bang Theory
We know, they used to date in real life. With his brains on the show and her amazing good looks, these two complement each other perfectly. We're secretly hoping that they can rekindle their romance off-screen. TBBT returns September 27 on CBS.

5. Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins: Cougar Town
We were all relieved when enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers Julie and Grayson finally got together at the end of last season. Who cares if she's older than him in both TV land and reality? Cox is 48 and Hopkins is 41, which is not a big difference at all! Plus, her recent split with David Arquette has left her alone, and she and Josh look far too hot together to be apart! Cougar Town will now be on TBS rather than ABC, and will debut season 4 in early 2013.


Tell us: who are your favorite on-screen couples? Should they be together in real life, too?

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