34 Mother's Day 2019 Gifts For The Best Mom In The World — Yours, Of Course!

No matter the mom type, we've got you covered.

best mother's day gift guide 2019

Moms are the best. They just are. No matter your age, 8 to 38 (and beyond!), many of us still have good ole mom on speed-dial whenever we want to share good (or horrible) news, need advice (or to be humbled), or to share the type of stuff you'd tell almost nobody else (or, alternatively, to remind her to stay out of your business!) No matter how complex your relationship is with your mama/mom/mommy/ma/whatever,  should you be looking to honor her with more than just a card, here's some A+ ideas that might fit the bill for the best Mother's Day gifts of 2019. And if none of these work out — impossible! — you can always ask Mother Dearest to recount your birth story. (Kidding — or are we?) Happy Mother's Day, moms! From your progeny everywhere: we love you!


For the comfy mom...

1. Hygge Cardigan

Cardigan season is right around the corner and this thick hygge-inspired hand knit oversized cardigan is the perfect fall essential for inside the home or out for layering when going outside. Oh, and it's adorable.


(Hygge Clothing, $89.99)

2. Cotton Magnolia Keap Candle

The 45-hour burning candle scent evokes a cool breeze billowing in through an open window, bringing in the fresh scent of sheets drying in the sun. Perfect for adding a luxurious touch to a living room, and an excuse to put your feet up. This candle isn't just a candle; it's a mood.


(Keap Candles, $39.50)

3. Baloo Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are all the rage — and there's good reason why. It feels like being enveloped in a big hug. Let the gentle pressure of this Baloo one ground you in your body. The deep pressure touch soothes the nervous system, alleviates stress and anxiety, and increases serotonin production.


(Baloo Living, $169)

4. Chinelas Babas

The Baba shoe is a soft, stylish, sleek treat for your feet. Much more than a normal flat heel, the padding fits your feet providing support for even the longest walking days, and the best part? They'll look good the whole time. Oh, and if you want a little more flare with your shoes, you're in luck. The back tab of the Baba is designed in such a way as to allow you to fold it down, quickly transforming this from a form-fitting shoe to a sleek and stylish slide.


(Chinelas, $95)

5. J.Q. Dickinson Locally-Crafted Salt Soaps

This collection of 4-oz soaps is made by Brookstone Soaps in Huntington, WV. They're made with all natural-ingredients including J.Q. Dickinson Salt. Salt in soap allows for gentle exfoliation and naturally draws toxins from the body. Each bar is made with a blend of olive, coconut, sunflower and palm kernel oil, our fine grained salt and essential oils. Seriously: you'll be amazed at how good your skin will feel.


(J.Q. Dickinson, $7.50)

6. LAVANILA Pure Vanilla Fragrance 

This isn't a regular vanilla, this is a perfect vanilla: a sexy blend of pure Madagascar vanilla, sheer freesia, and creamy tonka bean. The scent is truly seductive and magnetic and one almost all moms will agree on.

(Sephora, $48)

For the beauty-lovin' mom...

7. Joah Makeup Brushes


Born from Korean Beauty, Joah is Korean for “I like it." And that's exactly how you'll feel about these soft, pro-quality bristled makeup brushes.

(Joah, $4.50-$7.50)

8. Fork & Melon Rich Hydrating Cream 

Welcome to the world of rich hydrating cream made with high quality ingredients that are carefully considered and free of toxins. This luxurious hand & body lotion includes one of Fork & Melon's signature ingredients: watermelon seed oil imported from France that has moisturizing, anti-aging, detoxifying, and clarifying benefits. Imagine body butter, but better. Much, much better.


(Fork & Melon, $25)

9. Mig Lavender and Clary Sage Body Wash

This scrumptious-smelling body wash softens your skin, cleanses gently, and culminates in the richest lather imaginable.

(Aillea, $22)

10. Asutra Invigorating Eucalptus Body Scrub


Want amazingly soft skin in minutes? Us, too. Breathe in the invigorating aroma blend of organic eucalyptus and marjoram essential oils, while fine grains of Dead Sea salt will gently buff away your old, dry, dead skin. Great for all skin, but amazing for sensitive skin.

(Asutra, $22.95)

11. ONEOSEVEN Coreflex Hydro Rich Cream


This core flex cream uses Moroheiya, which has high levels of Hyaluronate B to calm your skin and deliver intensive hydration. It's also formulated with squalane and natural oil that recharges and moisturizes your skin. It's basically like the nicest bath ever ... for your skin. 

(Gotham Grove, $52)

12. Crystal Hearts Déjà Vu Eye and Cheek Palette


Featuring an essential collection of 14 shades, this eye and cheek palette features highly concentrated pigments that'll help transform your look and transition effortlessly from daytime chic to evening sophistication. The unique palette of pressed eye shadows and blushes includes 5 classic matte shades, 4 hues for contouring and transitional color, and 5 with shimmer to provide the highlights you desire — all formulated for easy blending and long-lasting vibrancy. So mom can stress about one less thing, and focus on more important choices like wine or whiskey tonight?

(Crystal Heart Cosmetics, $38)

13. Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle & Energizing Face Mask


As we get older, your bodies’ natural collagen breaks down and depletes from accumulated exposure to environmental pollution, free radicals, and UV rays, which cause your skin to lose its structure and strength. This mask is a god-send and designed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by boosting collagen production and rejuvenating your skin. Plus, it's like a mini-mask just for your eyes.

(Grace & Stella, $24.95)

14. Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit


This amenity 3-in-1 kit features the best-of-the-best of Grown Alchemist: Hydra-Repair day cream, hand cream, and the ultra-shiny, hydrating lip balm. Mmm, mmm, mmm! (And bonus: it's travel-sized — and we all know how dry it is up in the air.)

(Grown Alchemist, $35)

15. CIRCELL Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Masks


Want the luxury of refreshed eyes in a flash? What mom doesn't? When your delicate under-eye area is in need of a wake-up call, this smart sheet mask rises to the challenge. Made using live, freeze-dried collagen, and the highest concentration of stable collagen on the market, fibers and peptides mimic skin’s own collagen to offer visible restorative results. 

(CIRCELL, $80)

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For the traveler mom...

16. Matador Transit Tote Bag


This transit tote is perfect for an afternoon out on the town or exploring the local market. It's flexible and ultra-packable, but strong enough to carry what you need for travel, commuting or simply running errands. Constructed from the outdoor industry’s toughest material, this weather resistant tote is the ideal carry-all for everyday use, rain or shine.

(Matador, $39.99)

17. Mrs. John L. Strong Monkey Business Writing Tablet


Perfect for travel correspondence the old-fashioned way, cook up trouble with this hand-engraved writing tablet featuring our monkey with playing cymbals motif in gold metallic ink and orange text. Hopefully mom will be getting up to plenty of monkey business while she's on vacation! 

(Mrs. John L. Strong, $28.50)

18. Bogs Neo-Classic Tall Linen Rain Boots


Take comfort to a new level with these lightweight waterproof work and travel boots. The seamless construction makes them more durable and 30% lighter than comparable boots. Ideal for rainy days because let's say face it: every travel day isn't always sunny.

(Bogs, $130)

19. Crunchi Vegan Makeup Bag


The search for the perfect makeup bag is over! This one is thoughtfully constructed with durable, quality materials, designed for optimal functionality, and refined with chic sophistication. Plus, it holds a ton.

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(Crunchi, $54)

20. Shutterfly Photo Book


There's a new service at Shutterfly! For all the moms who love to document their travels afterward but don't have the time to sift through all their photos and artfully create each page, for a small fee, a Shutterfly designer will curate your photos and create your custom book in three business days and email you when it's ready. Brilliant service.

(Shutterfly, prices vary)

21. Family Tree 50 States of Beauty Native Botanical Art Prints


No matter where you've been or where you're going, Alicia Binkley's Native Botanical contribution to the 50 States of Beauty series highlights the stunning plant life of each state. Her illustrations bring the warmth of the garden, forest and field inside the home. A perfect gift to remind Mom of her home state.

(Family Tree, $30)

22. Beach People Macrame Tote Bag


This macrame beach bag is simple and versatile and from beach to market, this tote will cover every occasion. It's handmade from 100% cotton cord and it's durable, soft and comfortable enough to carry all day long.

(The Beach People, $69)

23. Oh! K Sheet Masks

These sheet masks are made up of soft microfibres which have been dosed in a curated blend of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and other skin-refreshing ingredients. For intense hydration and restoration of the skin, try the bubble and super-food sheet masks. Apply immediately before or after boarding an airplane (or during!) to avoid the dullness and dry skin that so often accompanies spending time 36,000 feet up in the air.


(Oh! K, prices vary)

24. Hydro Flask Unbound Series 18-Liter Soft Cooler Tote

From city park outings to an afternoon at the beach, this 18-liter soft cooler lets mom pack just what she needs — whether it's sparkling water or sparkling wine — for any adventure. The top opening offers easy access and cleaning, while welded seams and an aquaseal zipper provide a completely waterproof interior and exterior. Plus, there are plenty of dry storage pockets to hold your gear.


(Hydroflask, $225)

For the sugar addict...

25. Sugarwish Bag Of Treats

Sugarwish is a modern-day candy gift that delivers sweets of mom's choice via a delightful trip to their adorable online candy shop. The lucky recipient can select from 80+ delicious options, then Sugarwish delivers their top picks in a gorgeous gift box, directly to their door. Like a candygram — but better!


(Sugarwish, $19.50-$49.50)

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26. Sprinkle's Cupcake Tower

Celebrate dear old mom with the Sprinkles cupcake tower. Because honestly: who doesn't love cupcakes?

(Sprinkles, prices vary)


For the Etsy lovers....

27. Triangle Planter

If mom's a plant lover, this is a statement piece that can stand out but still complement the minimalist aesthetic. 

(Etsy, $50)

28. STAK Kitchen Table Dock


This stylish stand for your tablet doubles as a convenient place to store cooking utensils, keeping Mom's kitchen counter clear and her tablet safe. Plus, it's soooo easy to pull up recipes this way.

(Etsy, $68)

29. Custom Hand-Painted Family Portrait

This whimsical custom family watercolor portrait makes for a wonderful gift if Mom prefers something warm and personalized.


(Etsy, $64)

30. Custom Oval Initial Necklace

This handmade personalized oval charm necklace comes with the initial of your choice. Fun to choose between hers — or maybe a multi-layered one featuring all of Mom's kids' initials.

(Etsy, $30)

31. Beehive Heart Spice Spoons


Inspired by vintage kitchenware, these spoons are sturdy and functional as well as beautiful — and sure to add a bit of retro style to your kitchen!

(Etsy, $34)

32. Pen & Ink House Drawing

This 5"x7" custom ink illustration of your home or a special building is so special, whether you choose to honor Mom's current or childhood home. 


(Etsy, $48)

33. Colorful Spring! Frida Flower Statement Earrings

How can you not smile while wearing these earrings? They're so bright and fun and sure to brighten any muted outfit. 

(Etsy, $37)

34. Mama Bear Necklace


A ersonalized mama bear necklace for Mother's Day for your mama bear — number of cubs is customizable!

(Etsy, $17.80)

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