Want To Be A Vlogger? 10 Creative Ways To Start Your Own YouTube Channel & Online Video Series

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The appeal of the "The Try Guys" video series on platforms such as Buzzfeed and YouTube is that they’re constantly experiencing and experimenting with new things, always recorded and shared (sometimes OVER-shared) with their audience of over 5 million subscribers. It’s all about the attempt.

If you don't necessarily have dreams to become a YouTube Vlogger or social media influencer, you don’t even have to record your endeavors if you don’t want to. Just get out there and try something new. Be whacky and bold. Most importantly, be different than your normal. You might be surprised at how good it feels to do weird things for a while.

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But if you do choose to record your own series, make your own YouTube channel and start vlogging about your life and your adventures, keep mixing things up to make it interesting for yourself and your viewers. Just don’t forget to have fun.

1. Try the same drink from every coffee shop near you.

Compare the taste, size and price of the same drink. Maybe you want to be extra weird and order a water everywhere – just to see if it could taste different at the Starbucks down the street. Whatever you order, be it a Frappuccino or an agave tea drink, know you’re doing the world a favor.

2. Try following strange customs from around the world for a week.

You could show up fashionably late to events, eat all foods (even finger food) with a knife and fork or practicing an Indian health ritual in which you eat a live fish. Of course, you shouldn’t follow a custom that can cause lasting effects to your or others’ physical or mental health, but you can find a lot of interesting customs to try.

3. Try dyeing your hair a different color every other week.

Dyeing your hair is a great way to make a statement or express your personality. If you want to try something new, changing your hair color can be a good place to start. Experiment with bright and dark colors to find the one you like the best or that elicits the best reactions.

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4. Try making origami or DIY crafts you find on Pinterest.

This gives you an opportunity to craft and be artistic while letting the world know how complicated origami and DIY crafts really are. Scroll through your Pinterest boards to find some fun crafts that you want to make and just make them.

5. Try acting like a video game character for a day.

Videos in which people act like a Sims character have become a popular YouTube sensation. Sims obviously don’t do normal things, so it makes for some funny content. If you want to be different, consider acting like a different video game character.

6. Try practicing a fad diet or a health food plan.

First of all, contact your doctor to make sure you can adopt a new diet safely. After that, all this will take is dedication. Find a trending diet like the Keto diet, for example, and stick to it. You can practice this new diet or health food plan for as long as you want.

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7. Try adopting an exotic pet (if you can accept the responsibility).

This requires more commitment than the other ideas on this list. Adopting a pet is long-term responsibility that only some people can handle. If you believe you can, and want to try taking care of an exotic animal, then this is perfect for you. Maybe a tarantula or sugar glider will be the best housemate for you.

8. Try ordering a mystery box from Amazon.

You can get some interesting things via mail. These mystery boxes, available for purchase on Amazon, are boxes full of crap that other customers didn’t want or need. Usually, the boxes will list the type of items contained in them, such as makeup or comics, but the actual contents of the boxes is unknown until it is delivered to you.

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9. Try breaking a world record.

If you have a unique skill or talent you want to demonstrate, competing for a world record is a great way to do so. Before breaking a record, you should search existing records and policies, select a world record to break and apply via Guinness World Records.

10. Try celebrating an unknown (or lesser-known) holiday.

From holidays that span an entire month to holidays that last a single day, you have plenty of holidays to celebrate. There’s “Thank a Mailman Day,” “No Politics Day,” “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” and so many more! Those were just holidays in February! Search for lesser-known holidays and choose some that interest you.

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