The Best Couples To Subscribe To On YouTube That Are True #RelationshipGoals

They prove true love exists.

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Want to find the best couples to follow on YouTube? 

Youtube has some of the most inspiring couples that show us what true love looks like on a day-to-day basis. They vlog through life together, allowing us to see how beautiful and successful relationships can be. 

These couples dedicate their lives to revealing the ins and outs of their relationships via their YouTube channels. And it's not all rainbows and butterflies; they prove hard work and dedication can make love last forever. 


Here are the cutest couple Youtube channels that will make you believe in love again — and have you saying "Relationship goals!"

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1. Simon and Martina

Simon and Martina are two Canadian native who share a passion for travel and Asian culture. These two are one of the most inspiring couples because they not only show how much they love one another, but bring positivity and hope to their viewers as well. 


2. JP & Julia

This channel features an interracial couple that loves exploring local cuisine and trying new ways to make things bigger. Originally started out on HellthyJunkFoods, YouTube couple  JP & Julia all about food culture and the personal adventures that they take together. 

3. Bart & Geo


This channel is all about Bart Kwan and Geo, a Mexican-American and a Taiwanese-American couple that met each other through work on Bart Kwan's channel. They started out as coworkers and are now married with one of the cutest kids, Taika, who is often in the vlogs. 

4. Melissa & Logan

This couple met through Facebook, started out as friends and eventually became an item. They post vlogs, do couples challenges, and pranks on thier channel, Melissa & Logan. They show how their relationship began from a single comment on social media to becoming a successful couple with a joint YouTube channel about their relationship.


5. The Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca are two advocates for veganism, healthy living, traveling, and much more. They didn't started out as these health nut gurus, though. They both had a corporate job, terrible eating habits, and were always unhappy. Their channel, The Vegan Couple, shows how passionate these two are for one another and being happy.


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6. Justin and Nick


Justin and Nick are quite unique. They recently became engaged and live with a roommate that often times makes an appearance in their vlogs. Their channel features a variety of content from makeup to daily vlogs. It's easy to see how much they love one another and to fall in love with the beautiful memories they created on their travels.  

7. De'arra & Ken 4 Life


De'arra and Ken are not your typical Youtubers. They love interacting with fans through Q&A videos, playing pranks on one another, and showing their love for one another through it all. With over five million views, they inspire and entertain, as well as prove that love truly exists. 

8. Us the Duo


Michael and Carissa Alvarado started their music careers with each other on Youtube. They decided in in the summer of 2018 to enter America's Got Talent, where they showed their love for each other and passion for songwriting through their music. During that time, Carissa was pregnant and sang songs that they often dedicated to their child that they feel symbolizes their love. 

9. 2hearts1seoul


Sarah and Kyuho are a Canadian and Korean interracial married couple that lives in Seoul, Korea. On their channel, they show people what it's like to live in Korea and thier journey as theu try out all of the local cuisines Korea has to offer. We see through their channel how passionate they are for one another.

10. The Restoration Couple


This British duo came together with a passion for learning the ins and outs of restoring homes. Their channel teaches us how to restore homes while taking care of two beautiful daughters as amateurs. In their videos, you can see how genuine their love for each other is and the family that they have created. 

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