9 Reasons Women Who LOVE Romance Novels Make The BEST Wives

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Have you ever felt like you've had to hide the fact that you read (and love) romance novels? You've probably avoided reading it on your commute or hiding your copy of books by Julia Quinn, Nora Roberts or whomever you love most behind your copies of more respectable classics.

You are so not alone.

Too long have women felt embarrassed for reading what many call "trashy romance novels".

First of all, let's get rid of that phrase. WHY ARE WE CALLING ANY FORM OF BOOK TRASHY?


If anything, it's made out of paper and therefore recyclable.

But even if some of them are that bad (and let's be honest, every genre has those horrible books), why should we insult a huge genre of books — and it is a huge genre. And why should we be ashamed of reading it? Some of these romances are more developed and well better written than many other books that are out there.

Second of all, reading romance novels doesn't make us unintelligent, lonely, desperate women. We are smart. Even if you disagree with out reading list, do not make assumptions about who we are because you don't like the genre.



Honestly, our love of these books makes us both awesome and great wives and girlfriends!

Need proof? Here are 9 reasons why you should stop feeling embarrassed about it and totally embrace your love of romance novels!

1. We can see the romance in everything.


Yes, we want a grand romantic gesture and our proposal had better make us swoon. But we've read so many great romances that we see that a thoughtful personal gesture is just as grand as flying us to Disney World to propose at the castle (although we would never say no to that).

2. We tend to be an optimistic group.

We don't believe that every fight will end a relationship. We don't believe every marriage ends in divorce. We have hope that things can better even if they don't always seem like it because we've read so many books where it does. Who doesn't want to be with a cheerful and optimistic person?

3. We know that life  and people  are complex.


If you've never read a romance novel, you just assume they're all like 50 Shades of Grey - all about sex, sex and then more sex. Yes, almost every single romance novel you read have at least one steamy sex scene. But that's not at all what they're about. They have complex story lines with relatable characters, intrinsic plots and brilliant character development. 

4. We aren't afraid to try new things.

Sure there are some we favor over others, but we have no problem branching into other categories.

5. We can have a huge variety of interests.


We rarely read just one genre. Our romance novels can go from historical to modern to fantasy and Sci-Fi to thriller and every other sub-genre you can possibly think of.  Most of us have a couple of these sub-genres we like to read and they can be totally different.

6. We understand that love isn't perfect.

Despite the reputation everything thinks we have, we are not a unrealistic bunch. Our romance novels aren't all about happy rainbows and perfect endings. Sometimes, they don't get to stay together forever. Sometimes the couple who truly love each other fight and argue. We know that doesn't mean they don't love each other and we won't run away if things get difficult in our relationship.

7. We know how to love and we aren't afraid to show it.


We aren't afraid to say "I love you" when the time is right

8. We are strong, fierce, kick-butt women.

We are not damsels in distress. Read a romance novel. Most times, it's the women who have to do everything (as usual) and as such, we have pretty awesome role models.

9. We are passionate in everything we do.


Whether it's loving madly, raising a family or fighting for what we believe in, we have learned to follow out heart and if it leads to you, well you're pretty darn lucky because we have some pretty high standards.

So let's be the strong fierce women we read about and break the stereotype. Don't be afraid to read you're paperback novel as you head into work. Don't hide your books at the back of your bookcase. Flaunt it, wise woman, and go out and read a new romance novel.