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Who Is Mark Dobrosky? New Details About Katie Couric's Future Son-In-Law

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Who Is Mark Dobrosky? New Details About Katie Couric's Future Son-In-Law

For many of us, the faces who greet us first thing in the morning when we turn on the TV become a critical part of our lives. Somewhere along the line, they transform from being talking heads on a TV screen and into friends or family members, people we turn to in times of need or just when we're looking for something to brighten our day. For years Katie Couric has been that for so many people. As a news anchor, as a morning news host, and as a television personality, people have always been solidly in Katie's corner. 

Katie Couric's journey has been a remarkable one, full of highs and lows. Recently, she got to share one of the highs with her fans all over the globe when she shared the news of her daughter Ellie's engagement to her long-term boyfriend Mark Dobrosky.

So who is Mark Dobroky? Here's everything you need to know about the proposal and how Mark totally nailed it. 

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1. Katie's Joy 

Katie Couric, 62, is over-the-moon about the announcement her daughter Ellie shared with the world back in February. 

Ellie, 27 and a writer who works in the television business just like her mama, shared with her mother that she and her boyfriend Mark Dobrosky are engaged! As you can probably imagine, the ebullient Couric couldn't have been happier for her oldest daughter (she's also the mom to 23-year-old Caroline Monahan). In fact, she was so overjoyed that she beat her daughter to the punch, proudly announcing their engagement on her Instagram in a way that only America's favorite ray of morning sunshine could:

As we all know, a caption is everything on Instagram, and suffice to say that the announcement post she shared about Ellie and Mark's news knocked both image and caption out of the park. “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Ellie and Mark are engaged," she shared with her fans all over the globe. 

2. How Mark Proposed 

But the tear-jerking moments don't stop there. In addition to singing her daughter and Mark's joy from the rooftops, Katie also shared something very touching and deeply meaningful to the family and to anyone who knows Katie's personal story: "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG And she’s wearing the ring her Dad gave to me,” her caption read.

Katie was married from 1989 to 1998 to her first husband, Jay Monahan (father to both of her beloved daughters). Monahan was a respected lawyer and legal pundit who often appeared on TV news as an analyst. The couple wasn't famous when they tied the knot. In fact, their small wedding was held in their front yard! 

When Jay died of colon cancer in 1998 the loss hit Katie hard. Not only did she lose her husband and the love of her life, but she was suddenly a single mother to two growing girls. She was open about the difficulties she faced and this just made her fans love her even more. 

"As a single mom, it’s definitely challenging. Add trying to have a social life and it can get even trickier. I try to limit the things I do at night and not travel too much. If I do have to be away for work, I make sure I’m home for the nights before I leave and build in plenty of time at home once I return," Katie said in 2012 to Working Mother.

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3. Katie's Life After Jay  


Hi from @sandiego_ca y’all! What a beautiful city!!!! 

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Katie let her heart heal the best she could while still keeping Jay's memory alive and raising their girls the best that she could. She also became a serious advocate for colon health, participating in a live colon cancer screening on TV to help normalize this straightforward but life-saving procedure in honor of Jay. 

On the 20th anniversary of Jay's death, Katie shared a photograph of him on her Instagram page, making it clear that he will always hold a serious spot in her heart. But Katie also didn't let her life come to stop when she lost Jay, either. After his passing, she had a few relationships, but nothing seemed like it was ever going to stick. Then, she met prominent Chicago financier, John Molner. She and Molner tied the knot in 2014 and have been happy together ever since. 

But just because she's found love again, that doesn't mean that she's forgotten Jay. He will always be in her heart, particularly during times like this as their eldest daughter begins to prepare for married. Katie commented on the third hour of TODAY that it was “unfair” that Jay didn’t get to see their daughters grow up and “see the magnificent people they’ve become. I think he would've proud of them." 

4. Excited For The Future 


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5. Katie is going to help plan the special day.

Ellie and Mark are certainly lucky to have Katie's help in planning their special day. They have yet to announce the date of their wedding, but you can be sure that when it happens Katie will be there eagerly documenting it all for our enjoyment on Instagram.  

Katie's also having fun already with the idea of being a mother-in-law, too! “I’m going to be a monster-in-law!” Katie said on TODAY, but then putting her gentle teasing aside, she spoke from the heart about her feelings for her soon-to-be son in law.

“We love him and most importantly, she loves him and he loves her. I’m so excited, and she’s so happy. She’s going to be a beautiful bride.”

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