Who Is Dimitri Snowden? New Details About The New 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star

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Who is Dimitri Snowden? New Details About The New 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star

Fans of the TLC’s show "Seeking Sister Wife" can’t get enough of the story of the Snowden family. Dimitri and Ashley and their three very young children are the only non-white couple on the show and the only family that doesn’t profess a Biblically based reason for wanting to be a plural family. This is their second season on the show, and their second televised attempted to bring a second wife into their family.

Last year, we learned that the couple wanted to have a polygamous marriage in order to have more children and because both Ashley and Dimitri wanted the additional companionship from another wife. But their first foray into bringing in a new wife ended poorly. Now they’re trying again and while the relationship seems more promising, the season is still ongoing and no one knows how it will end.

Who is Dimitri Snowden? Read on to find out.

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1. Giant family

In season one of "Seeking Sister Wife,' Dimitri explained that he wanted multiple wives so that he could have many children.

"When Ashley and I met, I told her my vision for my family was to have more than one wife. When people think polygamy, they think Mormon, they think Utah. We're not Mormon and we certainly don't live in Utah and we're people of color... I want a noisy house, babies everywhere, I just want an epically big family." Ashley, who was pregnant with their third child at the time season one was being, filmed, told TLC cameras that after researching the history of polygamous societies, she came to think it was the right lifestyle for her.

The couple never legally married so that, when they acquired a sister wife, the women wouldn’t feel unequal in the relationships.


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2. Ontological architect

The couple appears to be fairly well off financially but it’s not totally clear what either of them do for a living. On his website, Dimitri calls himself an “ontological architect,” which RealitTV podcaster Jodie H. calls “Someone who creates career descriptions that are so obscure, we assume it must exist. Upon further googling, you’ll discover only the likes of his own contemporaries.”

He describes what he does as “ontology is my way of actualizing the human imagination, intersecting design with human consciousness and co-actively authoring “mindware” into reality.” He claims to have invented various things, such as lithium-ion double, micro USB rechargeable battery and DoT compliant LED halo headlamps for Hyundai. He lists a lot of other brands that he has worked with including TLC, Call of Duty, and and Visa. In press releases on his site, which he writes himself, he calls himself a “biz genius” and a “self-taught roboticist." He also allegedly runs a polygamist dating app called Beyond Couples, which other couples on "Seeking Sister Wife" have used. 


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3. Charter school scandal

In addition to all of Dimitri's accolades about himself on his website, he makes mention of some situations where he didn’t deliver on contracts. In 2011, he was sued by the KIPP Academy, a charter school in Indianapolis, for breach of contract, fraud, and deception totaling $45,796 in damages.

According to legal filings at the time, the school says Dimitri and his company Ion306 “pressured the school to purchase products and services it did not need and could not afford" and failed to provide the promised "responsive service and rapid resolution to technology issues and problems.” He was also the co-founder of Paramount School of Excellence, a different Indianapolis charter school. That school also hired Ion306 to perform tech services but eventually fired him, and also took legal action against him. The suit was ultimately dismissed.

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4. Season One of "Seeking Sister Wife"

On the first season of "Seeking Sister Wife," Dimitri and Ashley were in the process of getting to know a woman called Jocelyn who was interested in joining their family. Dimitri took her out for a dinner, just the two of them, on camera and he romanced her in a fancy restaurant then dropped her at her hotel. After the cameras left, he doubled back and went up to spend the rest of the night with Jocelyn in private.

This turned out to be a problem because he and Ashley had agreed that he wouldn’t be intimate with Jocelyn that night. He came clean with Ashley but she wanted to know Jocelyn would be that honest as well. Over a very awkward meal, Jocelyn kept her sex life to herself and Ashley decided to call the relationship off.


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5. Season Two of "Seeking Sister Wife"

On the second season of the show, the couple announced that they have a new girlfriend. A woman named Vanessa has been in contact with them and they have met her in person several times. In the opening episode of the season, they are expecting Vanessa to visit them and meet their children for the first time. The meeting goes well and they agree to become exclusive — no seeking additional sister wives for anyone involved. In the following weeks, Vanessa meets Ashley’s mother, they all agree to move to Los Angeles together, and Ashley’s sisters come to visit. During this entire time, Vanessa and Dimitri make it very clear that they are not engaging in sexual activity until Ashley gives them the green light.

Eventually, Ashley agrees that it’s time to take things to the next level but before Dimitri and Vanessa are allowed to be intimate, Ashley wants Vanessa to do a 21-day alkaline diet to change her body pH to make it more like her own and Dimitri’s. She claims this will prevent the spread of yeast infections between partners. There is no scientific evidence that this is the case.

6. Red flag

But before Vanessa agrees to to make her relationship with the Snowdens permanent, she might want to speak to a woman who claims to have had a relationship with the Snowdens before they did the first season of the show. In social media posts, she claims that while she and her daughter were living with the couple, Dimitri was sleeping with other women and gave Ashley an STD.

She alleges that Ashley wanted a sexual relationship with her as well. And she says the Dimitri was unkind to both of them and she walked away from the situation feeling traumatized, saying “there is too much ‘Trauma’ for her and too much selfishness and dishonesty from him to have a healthy relationship with anyone, including to each other. And I gained my own Trauma from it all.” 


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The current season of "Seeking Sister Wife" airs on TLC on Sundays.

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