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Is Jess Hilarious Gay? Why Fans Are Convinced She's Dating Her Best Friend Ms. Goode Morning

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Is Jess Hilarious Gay? Why Fans Are Convinced She's Dating Her Best Friend Ms. Goode Morning

Comedienne Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore became known for making some waves on social media in March 2019, but it wasn't for her edgy comedy style. "The Rel" actress took some heat when she posted videos of men in turbans getting on a flight and said she was afraid of them.

Critics said her posts were Islamophobic and dragged her for treating several men as if they were a threat to her flight. The comic defended her feelings saying, “I felt threatened” and tried to claim vindication when the man in question ultimately wasn’t on her flight, though it appeared he’d intended to be.

And now, the controversial comedienne is making news once again as some recent Instagram photos have sparked rumors that Moore may be dating her best friend, Ms. Goode Morning.

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Who is Jess Hilarious? And is Jess Hilarious gay with her best friend? Read on for the details.

1. Moore is a comic and an actress.

Moore, who performs under the name Jess Hilarious is an actress and comedienne who has appeared on TV shows, including All Def Comedy and Face Value. She was also in the Fox sitcom Rel, which followed the story of a comic trying to get his career going again after setbacks in his professional and personal life. However, the show was canceled after only one season.

She also performs at clubs all over the country and makes comedy videos online.

2. She has a huge social media following. 

On her website, Moore talks about being a social media sensation saying “Jess hails from Baltimore, Maryland and first came to popularity through her Instagram comedy skits, which have amassed over 4 MILLION followers to date.”

She's also the mom of a young son named Ashton whom she includes in her videos.

3. Moore received much backlash for viral tweets that she made in 2019 that were considered Islamophobic.   

In March 2019, Moore was boarding a plane and spotted a man with a turban ahead of her in the boarding line. She started video-recording him and let out an exaggerated gasp and muttered “Where you going?!?!” as the passengers filed onto the aircraft. The man was a member of the Sikh region, but Moore later claimed to have thought he was Muslim. 

In a later post, she spoke directly to the camera and addressed social media followers who had been critical of what they saw as a bigoted reaction. She said, “If I’m scared, I’m scared. F*** y’all. F*** how y’all feel. Y’all mad at me because I don’t side with every other black person. Cause I don’t side with every other race. F*** y’all. I feel how I feel, I felt threatened, and that was it. F*** y’all, and I’m not flying in there. We were evacuated b****. Why? Why was no reason explained at all? No technical difficulties or nothing? Y’all gonna listen to ‘Jess with the Mess’ one day. ‘Cause my news is real.”

Evidently, she was assuming that something suspicious must have been going on for all the passengers to have been taken off the plane before it even left the gate.

Later, once she re-boarded, she made another video claiming the men she spotted boarding the first time did not end up flying with her, treating that as a final justification for her over-the-top reaction.

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4. Moore sent out a response to the backlash.

Later, after followers came after her for her apparent prejudiced, she posted, “Look y’all I’m not racist & never have I ever been... We have Muslims in my family. However I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslim so yes I admit I’m ignorant to the facts so teach me.” 

5. However, Moore was still met with backlash on social media. 

Reactions on social media were harsh. One user said, “Jess Hilarious got some Sikh men kicked off the plane bc she was scared of them bc of their turbans they had on? A black woman has the audacity to stereotype brown men with turbans all while wearing a headscarf herself? So can we stop acting like she’s funny & cancel her already?”

Activist Brittany Packnett said, “Just catching up on Jess Hilarious. It will never cease to amaze me how much marginalized people will happily wear the garments of white supremacy, as if the same fear-mongering racism isn’t used against you. Islamophobia isn’t a look. On anyone. Not just white folks.”

Margari Aziza, Co-founder and Director of @MuslimARC said, “So while we mourn 50 Muslims who were gunned down in New Zealand and Muslims face Islamophobic harassment across the country on the streets and online, Jess Hilarious targets 4 Sikh men for wearing turbans and gets them removed from flight because she’s afraid of Muslims.”

Moore eventually apologized on social media.

6. Is Jess Hilarious gay? Her relationship with her best friend has sparked rumors among her fans.


A post shared by Jess Moore (@jesshilarious_official) on Jan 19, 2020 at 8:38pm PST

In January 2020, the comedienne became the subject of gay rumors after she posted a few photos on her Instagram page of herself and her best friend getting cozy. In the photos, Moore's best friend, Ms. Goode Morning, is seen with their arms around the comedienne and kissing her on the head. 

Ms. Goode Morning followed up by posting a video featuring herself with Moore to her own Instagram page. She added the comment, "The Robyn to her Whitney," referencing the relationship between singer Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford. 

However, Moore herself has already denied the rumors, saying, "Except the part when they were f***ing with each other... but other than that, WE GOOD!!!! You know they already think we f***ing because of our pictures on my page. But they don't know how I like to take pics." 

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