Meet Rachel Pegram — A Comedian To Watch In 2020

You may recognize her.

Who Is Rachel Pegram? New Details About A Comedian To Watch In 2020 Instagram

Rachel Pegram is an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based comedian, actor and writer. She was born and raised in the Dallas area of Denton, Texas. She moved to New York City to attend college at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she graduated with a BFA in Drama. She was chosen as one of the Just For Laughs New Faces: Characters in 2019. She's appeared on Full Frontal with Samantha BeeThe Late Show, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Alternatino, The Chris Gethard Show and more. She can also be seen in Netflix's The Week Of alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Rachel Dratch. Who is Rachel Pegram?


1. She weeps at "the existence of cinema"

In an interview with Vulture, Pegram revealed that she cries during movies. She said: "I always cry during movies. Sometimes it’s a movie you’re supposed to cry at like Titanic and sometimes it’s a movie you’re not really supposed to cry at like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs or Dude, Where’s My Car? Either way I always cry ’cause there is always that moment in a movie where shit gets real or it’s just like, Wow can you imagine this set? There were lighting designers and PAs and extras and what an operation it all must’ve been! Like moving damn pictures???? Incredible. I weep at the existence of cinema!"


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2. Her comedy

Rachel Pegram and Rachel Joravsky are longtime comedy partners and members of the sketch group LO-FI NYC. The two Rachels host a late-night variety show called The Shit Ray. In 2018, she told Vulture"I perform characters with some stand-up live around New York City. I also perform with a sketch group called Lo-Fi and co-host a monthly show with my friend & comedian Rachel Joravsky called That Shit Ray. I’ve also been looking for more ways to incorporate my musical theater background into my characters/stand-up, so some musical comedy is in the works!"



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3. Observational comedy

A quick perusal through Rachel Pegram's Twitter reveals that, like Jerry Seinfeld, she finds the funny in everyday things. Tweets such as: "Here’s the thing about Choosy Moms they didn't CHOOSE Jif. Jif was there& consistent& stuck around. Choosy Moms got older & there weren’t as many options. Choosy Moms wanted to choose Justin’s Organic but she was too wild then & now he’s married w kids. Choosy Moms settle with Jif."


Like most of us, Pegram also hate=watches Tiny House Nation on HGTV. She tweeted: "Person who owns a tiny house: Hello 911? Yes I’d like to report a theft? Yes so ahhh stole my tiny house? Yeah that’s right stole my tiny’s pretty tiny for a house...I came back from the market and — yes, yeah and the tiny house was gone..."

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4. Her weirdest Twitter interaction

In the Vulture interview, Rachel talked about the weirdest Twitter interaction she's ever had. In her own words: "Hmmm, this is less of an interaction, but a man who follows me online only replies when I talk about my vagina and he truly looks like the Cryptkeeper. It’s always a comment where he “doesn’t get what I’m talking about,” but he must get it because he only replies to those. It’s really cool to be a woman online!!! He probably jacks off to me and that is pretty special."



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5. Her boyfriend is also a comedian

Rachel isn't the only funny person in her life. Her boyfriend, Joe Rumrill, is also a comedian. According to her Instagram, they've been together for over a year. They also did an episode of The Chris Gethard show together where they tried to be matchmakers for other people. 



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