Everything You Need To Know About The Ashley Martson/Jon Walters Feud

That escalated quickly.

Everything You Need To Know About The Ashley Martson / Jon Walters Feud TLC

90 Day Fiancé stars Ashley Martson and Jon Walters were at each other's throats online earlier this week.

The tension between Ashley from 90 Day Fiancé and Jon from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days quickly rose as the two exchanged messages on Instagram that were anything but friendly. 

Ashley, who was accused earlier this year of faking Lupus, has been known to address her haters online but this escalated to a whole other level. There was name-calling, angry remarks, and more by both parties.


So what started the fight and what's going on?

Here's what we know so far about the Ashley Martson/Jon Walters feud.

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1. Ashley gave a shoutout to Ricky.

Fans noticed how inactive Ricky had been lately on social media and sent him tons of love and support when Jon announced he sought out treatment for his mental health earlier this month.


"[Ricky] wasn’t feeling great mentally on Wednesday and decided to be proactive thank God and seek mental help voluntarily,” Jon wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday. “He’s in good hands at a hospital where he has access to his phone three times a day so that’s how he’s been on IG.”

Ashley decided to show her support of her former co-star as well and posted a "get well soon" message on her own Instagram.

“I’m beyond proud of him!” she wrote. “Such a brave and responsible decision, [Ricky]. Maybe you trolls should leave him TF alone!” 



2. Jon threw some major shade at Ashley.

According to SopaDirt, Jon did not buy Ashley's well-intentioned shoutout and shaded her without naming any names.

“When you know they only posted about Ricky because he was getting [too] much media attention,” Jon wrote on Instagram, basically accusing Ashley of using Ricky to stay relevant. “Pretending to care [is] way more disgusting [than] not giving a sh**!"

Jon seemed to doubt that Ashley actually cared about Ricky and was actually just using the increased attention he has been receiving for her own benefit. 

He also posted a screenshot of the online conversation he had with Ricky with the words "This is what giving a f–k looks like. Not [a] disingenuous Story post between f–king clickbait" written over the convo.



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3. Ashley slammed Jon.

Ashley was not having it. Although fans commented that the two should figure this out on their own rather than online, Ashley also took to Instagram to fire back at Jon.

“Take note: I don’t need anyone to keep me relevant,” she wrote on Wednesday. “Sorry to say, but my 15 min aren’t quite up, so relevancy isn’t an issue for me. Nor do I care how relevant I am.”


Then, Ashley directed her message at Jon.

“What some people should be more concerned about is probably not trashing people on social media and bettering themselves if they ever want to enter a country that the odds of doing so are pretty much impossible,” she wrote. “I can see why you have been in 60 fights,” she continued. “Seems someone is using ME for relevancy. Now go get dinner from your mommy and clean up your Airbnb!”

She added a "Thank u, next" gif to go along with the clear shot at Jon.



4. Ashley said she and Jon are on good terms now.

Ashley explained to InTouch Weekly that despite the obvious tension, her Instagram messages aimed at Jon were out of love.

"I don’t have tension with cast mates besides Jon, who is clearly bored, sitting home at his mommy’s house all day, living on a prayer to come to the U.S," she said. “Ricky and I did have tension but came together like two grown adults, talked it out, and now support each other."



5. Ashley is over fighting.

Ashley deleted her messages and posted a more positive message following the blowout.

“Over people’s BS and negativity,” she wrote. “Gonna delete that [previous Story] and focus on what’s important because he definitely is not. Happy Wednesday, everyone!”


It's clear Ashley is over it. Jon didn't clarify that he and Ashley made amends but he hasn't posted anything saying otherwise, either. 

Could this be the end of their feud?


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