Who Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa's Boyfriend? New Details About Her Mystery Man

She finally revealed his face on Instagram.

Who Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa's Boyfriend? New Details About Her Mystery Man Instagram

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is celebrating her divorce party with a new man.

The 90 Day Fiancé star is in Las Vegas to celebrate her separation from Colton Johnson. Dos Santos Lima posted a video selfie with her boyfriend on Instagram on Feb. 26 and encouraged fans to party with them over the weekend.

“For my followers who wanted to see bae’s face here we go. Meet us at @crazyhorse3lv Saturday,02 March #90dayfiance,” she wrote. The reality star has been hinting at a “new boo” for nearly a week. On Valentine’s Day, however, she posted a throwback to her reality show relationship and mentioned in the caption, “I’m still waiting for my flowers here.”


Their relationship may be recent, but clearly, Dos Santos Lima is ready to move on. But who is 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa's new boyfriend? Perhaps all will be revealed about her mystery man at her meet and greet on Saturday. For now, here’s what we know—and have yet to learn—about her new boyfriend and their relationship.

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1. She didn’t reveal his name.

It may be difficult for internet sleuths to put a face to the name, due to the Snapchat filter over the video, its quality, and his position in the video.


He doesn’t want people to find him, though. Dos Santos Lima hosted a live Q&A after letting the world know she was taken and let fans know her man is not about publicity. She said, “He’s very private and not into social media.” She’s not willing to reveal everything at once, however, based on past experience. “Did you remember what happened before?” she wrote, likely referencing her very public past relationship.

“I didn’t expect to meet someone so quickly but it happened and he’s a nice guy,” she told HollywoodLife.

2. They met on Tinder.

Despite his aversion to social media, Dos Santos Lima’s boyfriend was active on dating apps. The reality star told the media that they both swiped right.


Tinder may have a notorious reputation as a hookup app, or for superficial relationships. Dos Santos Lima has been there, done that with matching up under a time crunch.

It can also be a platform of dishonesty, but as Dos Santos Lima told HollywoodLife, she wanted to avoid that. “I was like, at first, ‘Let’s meet in a public place, I want to know you first before anything. And Google my name first, you know,’” she said. She wanted him to know what he was getting into from the start—and since that first date has turned into something more, it seems he’s okay with her controversial background.

3. She said he’s “more mature than 40.”

But he’s not actually 40 or older. In fact, he’s younger than Dos Santos Lima, who is 32.


According to her Q&A, he’s Italian, and has blue eyes “like Sinatra.” 

A fan sent their congrats on her “major upgrade”; Dos Santos Lima responded, “He is like a dream.”

She said about his inclination towards privacy, “...[he] is handsome, so I’ll try to keep him out of the public eyes for a while.”

That will only last for about a week, however, due to her divorce party. Her boyfriend is okay with that: “...then he will be out there and he is really okay with it. He is not afraid at all. This wasn’t something that I wanted but I’m happy.”

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You are lovelier than all the roses in the world 

A post shared by Larissa Lima (@larissalimareal) on Feb 22, 2019 at 9:51am PST

4. Dos Santos Lima hasn’t been single for long.

Her 90 Day Fiancé partner Colton Johnson filed for divorce on Jan. 11. Their own relationship was a whirlwind. The two met on an online dating website.

He proposed marriage to her within five days of being together in person; they spent a total of 11 days together person, jetting across Latin America to Mexico and Dos Santos Lima’s native Brazil. She subsequently moved to Las Vegas, and they wed in June 2018.


5. She was arrested three times throughout their relationship.

Although Johnson told HollywoodLife he is still “heartbroken” over their recent separation, he filed for divorce the same day Dos Santos Lima was charged with first-degree domestic battery. It was the third time she was arrested; the other two took place over the course of their marriage in 2018. Those charges were eventually dismissed.

As for the January altercation, however, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police reported that Johnson “had a swollen lip, and his gums and teeth were bloodied.” Dos Santos Lima had taken to social media to show fans images of herself with a bloodied and cut face. She argued that the injuries were from the alleged argument, which was over porn. Authorities determined that the injuries were not consistent with her statements regarding the altercation. The photos have since been removed from Instagram.

Despite it all, Johnson is still emotionally attached to Dos Santos Lima. “I am heartbroken yes, I loved this person and I will always love her to some degree.”


He’s still hopeful to find new love, however, and it may come at his own divorce party on March 1. He revealed he has a date for his party.


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