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Who Is Gregg Sulkin? New Details About Michelle Randolph's Boyfriend

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Who Is Gregg Sulkin? New Details About Michelle Randolph's Boyfriend

Audiences watched as Cassie Randolph committed to a relationship with Colton Underwood on The Bachelor. While the pair did not finish the reality series engaged - they want to keep that moment private, when it comes - they did agree to carry on their romantic relationship and see what happens. Now they say they’re happy to be dating.

The happy couple has a ready-made pair to double date with as they move forward in their relationship. Cassie is close to her sister Michelle Randolph and they both live in the Los Angeles area, allowing them to spend a lot of time together. Since 2018, Michelle has been dating Wizards of Waverly Place star Gregg Suklin. It seems like Sulkin and Underwood are getting to be friends as well, since they were recently spotted at leaving the gym together.

Who is Gregg Sulkin and how does he fit into the reality tv world of the Randolph sisters and Colton Underwood?  Read on for all the details.

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1. Sister act

The Randolph sisters are famously close. The two even starred together in a reality series call Young Once that followed them as they attended a conservative Christian college. The summer of the show says “Young Once is a documentary series that follows a group of young Christians from Southern California on their quest to live counter culturally. Season one documented this eclectic group as they attended one of America’s most conservative private schools, where alcohol, drugs and sex are off-limits. Season two continues the journey as they graduate and face a myriad of difficult decisions as young adults.” The first season of the show ran in 2016, well before Cassie was a Bachelor contestant but the second season has been running this winter, at the same time as the dating show.

While Cassie followed up her first brush with reality stardom with a shot at even bigger reality stardom, Michelle has been working as a model and actress. She has several film credits on her IMDb page and her Instagram is filled with gorgeous photos of her modeling work.

2. Gregg Sulkin

You can also find photos of Gregg Sulkin on Michelle’s social media. The two became Instagram official in fall of 2018 and often pose together looking gorgeous at black tie events or looking cozy in more private moments. They each share sweet sentiments in the captions, such as Gregg saying “I know what you’re all thinking and I agree. I’m definitely punching above my weight,” in reference to how gorgeous Michelle looks in photos.


A post shared by Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) on Feb 9, 2019 at 10:17am PST

3. Disney Star

Sulkin is a legitimate Disney channel star who is now moving into more grown-up roles. He got his acting start in the 2002 mini-series of Doctor Zivago and from there went on to the Disney Channel shows As the Bell Rings and Wizards of Waverly Place. He stuck with Disney and in 2010, appeared in the Disney Channel movie Avalon High and did the film The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex. After stints on Pretty Little Liars and Faking iI, he ended up in Runaways, based on the Marvel comic series.

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A post shared by Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) on Jan 21, 2019 at 12:31pm PST

4. Accidental spoiler

A couple of weeks before the finale of The Bachelor aired, a sharp-eyed photographer spotted Sulkin leaving the gym with Colton Underwood. It wasn’t much of a leap to assume that if Underwood was spending time with Michelle’s boyfriend, he was probably also still in contact with Michelle’s sister Cassie. As it turned out, the gossip mill was right about this one. Shortly after that photo ran, Underwood and Cassie made their relationship official on TV.

5. Upcoming projects

In the fall of 2018, Sulkin hinted at expending his work to behind the camera in an Instagram post. He shouted out fellow Wizard’s alum David Henry and talked about a project they were working on together, saying "Off to Alabama today for a project that after years of hard work and dedication, is getting made. As you may know, @davidhenrie became my best friend after working together when I first moved to the States, and I must admit this is a feeling I’ve never felt before heading into a project. He’s always been my best mate, however now he is going to be my director. Honored to be part of this journey with you. Excited to be both in front of the camera and also associate produce this movie. Thank you for being a class act, a mentor and inspiration to me throughout the years.  Okay, enough thank you’s. Let’s get to work...Some would say it’s a re-union. I say it’s a new beginning. Let’s get it.”

Henrie’s directorial debut is called This is the Year and Sulkin has top billing as a character named Kale. No word on a release date or even what the movie is about.

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