Is Maci Bookout Pregnant? 6 Details About Recent Rumors Surrounding The 'Teen Mom' Star

She had a miscarriage in 2017.

Is Maci Bookout Pregnant? 6 Details About Recent Rumors Surrounding The Teen Mom Star Getty

Rumors on the internet are swirling about Teen Mom star Maci Bookout. Some believe she is pregnant, based on a recent video.

The video was part of a series on an Instagram story for Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney’s clothing line, Things That Matter. It was shot behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot. Bookout has yet to comment publicly about the rumors — and this isn't the first time she's faced pregnancy rumors.


She was in the news earlier this year regarding her ex Ryan Edwards, who is the father of her first son Bentley. He was arrested Jan. 23 for heroin possession and theft. The charges came less than two years after his first arrest for heroin possession in March 2017. In March 2018 he was taken into custody again for violating his parole, and again in July 2018 for two counts of simple possession of heroin.

Edwards’s current wife, Mackenzie Standifer, does not appear to have any hard feelings against her husband for his drug issues, nor Bookout. Standifer took to Instagram to answer fan questions with baby Jagger in January.  


She wrote on her Instagram story: “Do you burn your house down when it’s dirty? No. Do you set your car on fire when it needs a new part? No. Just because someone has a problem doesn’t give you an excuse to give up … God has blessed me with the most caring husband and kids. It’s hard to be vulnerable and it means so much to have them in my corner. Don’t give up on love. It’s real. It breaks walls that have been built out of stone. Thankful for a man who accepts me for who I am and what I have been through and supports me even when I feel broken. As much as I have been there for him, he’s been there for me 10x over.”

Early in February, Bookout and Standifer shared a blended family photo of the two women with their children. Bookout’s children are Bentley, 11, whom she had with Edwards, Jayde, 3, and Maverick, 2, whom she had with McKinney. Standifer’s children are son Hudson, 4, from a previous relationship, and Jagger, 4 months, whom she had with Edwards.

Is Maci Bookout pregnant again? Below are the details about current and past fan speculation.

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1. Some fans believe she’s pregnant.

Bookout is seen in the video wearing a tight red t-shirt. Fans were quick to point out her appearance in the video.

“Maci totally looks pregnant,” a Reddit user said. Another user asked, “Is Maci pregnant?”


2. Others believe it’s just a beer belly.

Other fans were quick to try to dispel the pregnancy rumors growing in the comments section. Another commenter said, “She’s drinking in the videos. So unless she is and claiming she ‘doesn’t know’ again, I don’t think so.”

Bookout was seen enjoying a beer with the others in the video.


3. She’s been seen drinking while pregnant before.


this is what date night looks like for myself and @tmon3yyy #whatcameracrew 

A post shared by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout) on Dec 15, 2015 at 8:22pm PST

Bookout learned she was pregnant with her second son, Maverick, at 21 weeks. She posted a photo on Instagram of herself holding a beer seven weeks before she announced her pregnancy. She also drank with an “obvious baby bump” on an episode of Teen Mom OG.

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4. She had a miscarriage in 2017.

During an episode of Teen Mom OG that aired early in 2018, Bookout and McKinney were discussing expanding their family. The conversation ended fairly quickly when Bookout started to remind her husband he was “forgetting something.” McKinney excused himself to the bathroom, looking upset.

An MTV producer probed further about what had just happened. Bookout then revealed she had suffered a loss.

“I had a miscarriage. Her name’s Dandy, Dandelion.”


The miscarriage was hard for McKinney to discuss. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he said when he returned.

Bookout disagreed. “I think it’s important for people that are watching that we talk about it,” she said.

“I’d like to talk to our parents first,” McKinney replied; evidently the couple hadn’t told their families yet.

5. She and husband Taylor have discussed bringing another child into their home.


THANKFUL  #thingsthatmatter

A post shared by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout) on Nov 23, 2018 at 1:24pm PST

The couple has talked extensively about adoption. They met with an adoption counselor during an episode of Teen Mom OG after talking about their options. Bookout was reluctant about making any decisions, given the recent miscarriage.


“I think we still have some grieving to do before we have fully accepted what happened,” she said earlier in the episode. “I just don’t want to make that decision thinking maybe somehow it’ll replace or fix the loss, you know? It’s just too fresh.”

In their meeting with the adoption counselor, they said they would want to adopt a child at least four years old, or “preferably older than that.”

The counselor warned them that adopting an older child is a challenge, as they may be damaged, and take years to overcome the traumas of their early life. “You want a child that is going to mix with your family in the best way,” she advised.


McKinney later told his wife he was more inclined to adopt after the counselor’s warnings. “I feel like this definitely pushes me more toward adoption… more than a biological child because there’s so many kids out there that need a good home.”

6. This is not the first time pregnancy rumors have surfaced.

Fan speculation about her pregnancy dates back to Halloween 2018. The family dressed up as the gang from Scooby Doo. They struck a pose for Instagram.

Some fans could not help but focus on Bookout. She was dressed as Daphne in a purple dress that could not hide a baby bump. Some fans believed, however, that Photoshop did the trick. They claimed the surrounding area was distorted—a Reddit user even tried to un-doctor the photo.


Rumors started up again a month later when her husband posted a home video to his Instagram story on Nov. 29. Bookout is spotted walking upstairs, sporting what some fans believed to be a baby bump.

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