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Who Is Lupe Fiasco's Sister? 5 Things We Know About His Teen Sister Who Was Missing

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Who is Lupe Fiasco's Sister? 5 Things We Know About His Teen Sister Who Was Missing

Lupe Fiasco’s younger sister has been found after having gone missing in Atlanta. The Chicago-born rapper posted on his social media accounts that his sister, Keziah, had gone missing.

Keziah didn't come home on Monday, March 11. On Tuesday, March 12, Fiasco used his Twitter and Instagram accounts to announce that his 16-year-old sister Keziah has been missing in Atlanta since the afternoon of March 11th. 

Hours after he posted on social media, he jumped back on Twitter to update fans to let them know she had been found. The rapper confirmed on his social media accounts that Keziah is home safe and sound. While he didn’t explain exactly what happened, he did thank fans for their prayers and support.

Lupe didn't offer any more details regarding his sister's disappearance or discovery.

What exactly happened and who is Lupe Fiasco's sister? Here’s what we know:

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1. Lupe Fiasco's sister didn’t come home

According to a police report filed by the rapper’s mother and obtained by TMZ, Keziah was last seen in West Atlanta Monday afternoon, March 11, leaving her mom’s house around 2:30 p.m. before Aja Dixon left for work. When Lupe’s mom returned home from work around 11:30 p.m., Keziah hadn’t returned.

Dixon added that Keziah has never run away before and nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the past few days. According to Lupe’s mom, Keziah was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt, black leggings, and a gray fanny pack, with her hair in two afro puffs.

Because they just moved to the area, Dixon didn't know where the teen might go or who she might be with. Keziah also didn't have a cell phone for contact.  


37 years ago today I met my mom for the 1st time. 

A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on Feb 16, 2019 at 11:25am PST

2. The initial call for help.

The original poster by Dixon wrote:

“My daughter is missing she’s been gone since 2 p.m. Monday (yesterday) right after I left for work if you see her say something please…Otherwise pray with me for her safe return. She’s 16 170 lbs 5’9 ty her name is Keziah..I already did a missing persons report,” the poster read. The poster also included four different photos of the young woman.


Found her! Thanx for all the prayers and the support.

A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on Mar 12, 2019 at 2:31pm PDT

3. Fiasco’s mother filed a missing person’s report.

In Lupe's social media posts, Keziah's mother Aja Dixon filed a missing persons report. She also added that her daughter is 16 years old, 170 pounds and is 5 feet, 9 inches.

The rapper’s mother must’ve known to file a missing persons report quickly; Lupe has said he has two brothers and a sister who are "active police officers" as well as a father who was a former "state police deputy" in Illinois. 

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4. Fiasco asked social media for help.

Fiasco reshared a missing poster on Tuesday describing his sister Keziah, initially shared by her mother, Aja Dixon.

On his Instagram page, Lupe shared a photo of Keziah and her mother and wrote in the caption, “This is my little sister Keziah. She was Last Seen yesterday in West Atlanta. If you have any information please contact the Atlanta Police Department. ASAP.” He posted the same image and message on his Twitter account as well.

Hours after he posted on his social media accounts that she had gone missing in Atlanta, the 37-year-old lyricist jumped on his Twitter timeline on March 12 to update fans and let them know that Keziah has been found. “Found her! Thanx for all the prayers and the support,” he wrote in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Keziah’s mother, Aja Dixon, shared on Facebook a simple caption: “She home”

Keziah’s mother wrote a longer message in a public post on her Facebook account, expressing her gratitude to her friends and family who helped search for her daughter.

"To all my fb friends and those that know me and family and those i didn't tag that shared my post to find my baby, i am so thankful and grateful for u all and your help with finding my daughter. God bless u all ty so so so so so very much. Also to that special man in my life for helping me keep it together and your help and advice idk wtf I'd do without u. To her brother for getting in touch with her and making sure shes at least ok. I'm still goin crazy until she's home or something but at least i know she's ok right now!” 

5. The teen years are a trying time.

Once she was found, Dixon shared another post on her Facebook timeline, mentioning that she called her own father to reminisce about the time when she ran away from home

“I call my dad to apologize for runnin away and he laughed at me! He said it was hilarious then told me the story im like im such a dumbass. every time i said im sorry he laughed! DAAAAAAD lmao we can laugh about it now tho”

Monette Roach, who appears to be a cousin, made a comment that she’s glad Keziah is okay. But it appears as though there could be an issue with another parent involved.

“But Reggie Parker right tho u should press charges on the parent and there's son that's kidnapping they know better press charges Aja Dixon and put Keziah in a group home to teach her a lesson two if she keep acting Disobedience towards you. You are a good mother. Stay strong baby girl.”

Dixon replied: "Before i put her in some bs like that ima try again she goin thru something or she just bein fast either way a group home is the last thing i wanna do to her."

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