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Who Is Cheyenne Floyd's Boyfriend? New Details About The Teen Mom OG Star's New Relationship

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Who Is Cheyenne Floyd's Boyfriend? New Details About The Teen Mom OG Star's New Relationship

Cory Wharton made waves on Feb. 18 when he revealed he was dating Taylor Selfridge. Attention quickly turned to Cheyenne Floyd, the woman with whom he has a complicated past— and not to mention a daughter.

Floyd, however, isn’t bothered. The 26-year-old Teen Mom OG star is moving forward.

“I’ve got some news of my own in that department,” she told Us Weekly regarding her love life. “I’m dating someone and am super happy with them.”

Fans were less than thrilled after Wharton posted about his “baecation” with Selfridge to Cancún, Mexico. They may cool down if they see Floyd is happy with someone else, too.

But who is Cheyenne Floyd’s boyfriend? Here is what we know about her mystery person … and the complicated history between Floyd and Wharton that they’re up against.

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1. Floyd won’t reveal their identity.

Us Weekly got the scoop, albeit brief, from the former Are You the One star.

“While I don’t want to reveal any details about them right night, as we’re enjoying keeping things private, when the time is right I will tell.”

The use of gender-neutral pronouns may suggest more secrets around the relationship, as well as Floyd herself. It may be presumptuous to assume she has a boyfriend. This “someone new” may be someone who does not identify as a man, nor a woman.

She did post to Instagram on Feb. 25, however, that she is "taken," along with the hashtag #NewMan. Fans will have to wait and see who this #NewMan is.


I’m officially TAKEN!  #LinkInBio #NewMan

A post shared by CHEYENNE (@cheynotshy) on Feb 25, 2019 at 3:00pm PST

2. Her relationship status on Teen Mom OG was complicated.

Floyd was dating a man named Zach during part of the show. There was a lot of mystery surrounding Floyd’s man before Teen Mom OG aired in Oct. 2018.

Their relationship began to crumble on the show, as Floyd continuously put Wharton before him. She would invite Wharton to family outings — and leave her boyfriend behind. The two broke up for good and then she and Wharton began to enter a complicated territory. They revealed during the special that they “crossed the line, keep crossing the line,” that is, they were still hooking up.

3. She and Wharton were never officially in a relationship.

Floyd and Wharton have had official romantic relationships with other people. The only established relationship between these two, however, is co-parents. They are at least forever connected through their daughter Ryder.

Floyd did not even reveal her was the father of her child until October 2017, six months after Ryder was born. Their daughter was the result of a brief fling following their participation on The Challenge: Rivals III.

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Who does Ryder look like more? 

A post shared by CHEYENNE (@cheynotshy) on Oct 7, 2018 at 5:18pm PDT

4. But they admitted they’d be down for having more children together.

On the Dec. 24 2018 reunion show, Dr. Drew asked the two if they’d a continue a family together in the future with more kids. Both parties said yes; Wharton said “100 percent.”

The Teen Mom OG reunion show hinted at hope for a relationship between Floyd and Wharton — though not necessarily in the immediate future.

Wharton said, “I think that we can be together, but right now’s not the time. I’m not gonna lead her on and then not be ready to marry her.”

The two have certainly put the idea of a romantic relationship together on pause with their new relationships — as to whether they will abandon the idea completely, however, has yet to be seen.

5. Overall, they want each other to be happy.

Floyd told Us Weekly, “Everyone’s been asking me about Cory and his new relationship and if I’m devastated. There’s even stories claiming I’m heartbroken. It’s actually much to the contrary.”

The “heartbroken” stories came from a post Floyd made on Instagram shortly after the story of Wharton’s “baecation” broke. Her photo’s caption included a broken heart emoji with the hashtag #LinkInBio—the link was to an article about Wharton and Selfridge. The post has since been removed.

After Wharton revealed his revived relationship with Selfridge, he and Floyd took to Instagram Live in separate videos to address the hate surrounding his relationship status.

Floyd said, “All the bashing of him and his girlfriend … you have to chill. Regardless, at the end of the day, Cory is a great father to Ryder and that’s all that matters. We are still friends. We will always be family.”

Wharton said of Floyd and their platonic relationship: “Cheyenne’s a great person, a fabulous mother. I will always have some type of love for Cheyenne. But I’m not in love with Cheyenne.”

He even mentioned her relationship in the live stream: he said she was dating someone new, and that he was “glad she’s happy.”

“Listen,” he told his fans, “at the end of the day, Cheyenne’s gonna be with who she wants to be with, I’m going to be with who I want to be with."


A post shared by Taylor Selfridge (@taylor.selfridge) on Feb 20, 2019 at 8:32pm PST

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