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Who Is Katie Maloney? New Details About Tom Schwartz's Wife — And Whether Or Not They Want Kids

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Who Is Katie Maloney? New Details About Tom Schwartz's Wife — And Whether Or Not They Want Kids

Who is Katie Maloney? Anyone who is addicted to watching Bravo shows — specifically Vanderpump Rules — knows all about the former “Tequila” Katie. And though she’s matured since the first season of the series, we can’t forget about how she came to be a fan favorite among the cast.

As a server at SUR, she faced body-shaming from another employee and struggled with body image issues over the years. Throughout the series, she’s opened up about her weight, and we experienced second-hand that people still aren’t above making crude comments to her.

Last season, Lisa Vanderpump’s party planner, Kevin Lee, said to Katie, “You gained a little bit of weight. You have to work on it.” And the most recent example was James Kennedy telling her to “lose some f***ing weight.” Classy, isn’t he?

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Katie has had quite the journey to self-love and self-discovery, but she also dealt with a devastating accident that changed her life forever. In 2009, she fell 25 feet through a skylight, resulting in a broken jaw, broken collarbone, broken ribs, and a brain injury.

In an interview, she shared how the accident shaped her life, saying, “I felt it change me. And it changed me in a lot of positive ways, but also there were some other parts I couldn’t quite get my head around, and I just didn’t feel like myself for a long time. It was hard working through that on my own, maintaining a positive body image, a healthy body image in my mind. But I’m happier today, so that’s all that matters."

But perhaps the biggest topic of conversation with this Bravolebrity is her relationship with her now-husband, Tom Schwartz. The two tied the knot in 2016 (with the highlight being Tom Sandoval crying and wiping his tears on a dog), but they haven’t had an easy relationship.

Before they married, Schwartz allegedly cheated on Katie when he was blackout drunk. Lala Kent revealed her friend made out with Schwartz on a trip to New York.


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Though Schwartz couldn’t confirm or deny it, he was more than remorseful about his decision, saying, “First of all, I don’t even know how that happened and it’s so regrettable, I’m so embarrassed. But as a married man, it’s easy for me to make light of the situation. But knowing that I hurt someone I love so much, it’s really embarrassing. I think it’s not that big of a deal in the big scope of things, but it’s still completely unacceptable and really douchey.”

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Initially, Katie was heartbroken over the allegations but the couple worked things out. “I do trust him. Yeah, I generally think that if he did in fact make out with this person that he doesn’t remember, that it was just simply because he was blackout drunk. Who knows, maybe there was a little persuasion on the other end of things. I don’t know,” she said.

These two have come a long way since they began dating, and after celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary back in August, it’s only natural for people to start asking about when they are starting a family.

During an interview with Life & Style at the Los Angeles Travel Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards, Schwartz revealed how the couple feels about having kids.


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He said, “Always. I’m down with kids, yeah. I want kids, yeah... Yeah, I’ll make some kids.” Sandoval then chimed in, joking, “Go to the kid store, you try them on. Make sure you get a return policy.” Oh, these two idiots know how to make us laugh. But the couple has been thinking about taking that next step.

According to Schwartz, “We’ve been renting over the weekend from time to time, you know babysitting here and there, getting a feel for it. The only thing that really scares me is flying with kids. When they cry... I’m terrified of that. I think I can handle anything else they throw at me in life. Anything except for flying, and them screaming and crying.”

It’s normal for new parents to be scared, but an insider says that Katie is trying to get things rolling to start their family sooner rather than later. The source said, “She wants to plan for their future. She told Tom that he is more established now and that it is really time for them to start a family and get serious.”

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