12 Awkward Things About Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Relationship

The two have been through crazy ups and downs.

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As any Vanderpump Rules lover knows, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got engaged this past week! Jax proposed at dinner, giving Brittany a 3-carat ring from good friend Kyle Chan and then surprising her afterward with an engagement party at their apartment, inviting all their friends and co-workers to join the celebration. How romantic!

Though it’s an incredibly joyous time for the couple, things haven’t always looked this bright for them. Jax has quite the past — full of infidelity, sleeping around, and lying — putting Brittany through a lot. They’ve weathered those storms together, and it’s amazing that Jax has finally decided to dedicate his life to one woman. But their ups and downs have been front and center on national television. 


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Here are 12 cring-ey things about Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's relationship, because viewers don’t easily forget Jax’s shortcomings.

1. He has a reputation as a womanizer.

Anyone who has watched since season 1 remembers Jax as the bartender at SUR who slept with literally everyone. He had a fling with co-worker Laura Leigh, and admitted on Watch What Happens Live to sleeping with Lindsay Lohan. Shah’s of Sunset star, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, also claims she slept with Jax.

2. He’s a self-admitted sex addict.

Not that it’s an excuse for sleeping around and breaking hearts, but Jax has said that he uses sex as his drug. Has that really changed since he’s been with Brittany though?


3. The two met in Vegas.

In an interview, Brittany revealed that the two had originally met in Las Vegas, and Jax was currently with another woman. “He fell in love with me at first sight. He was with another girl [and] I stole him away.” After begging her to move from Kentucky to LA, she did, landing a spot on Vanderpump Rules as a waitress.

4. He cheated on Brittany with another SUR server.

This past season, Jax’s affair with Faith Stowers, a waitress at SUR, was a huge bombshell that was dropped on the group. At Scheana Marie’s birthday party, Faith told James Kennedy that she and Jax had unprotected sex and she was worried she was pregnant. Word traveled fast and before we knew it, Brittany found out.


And according to Faith, she had feelings for Jax but only slept together once, still communicating afterward. Jax told Faith he planned to break up with Brittany.

“Like, literally a few days before [the party], Jax was saying they were breaking up, they weren’t even hanging out like that. I get to the birthday party and they’re there together and they’re like holding hands. He literally looks at me and goes, ‘Hey, babe. How’s it going?’ as he’s holding Brittany’s hand. I was just like, ‘What?!’ I just felt so betrayed and that’s when James walks over to me and he could see all over my face that I was hurt,” Faith revealed.

5. And he has a history of cheating.

Remember when Jax dated Stassi Schroeder and they broke up before season 1? Remember when he tried to woo her all throughout season 2, claiming he had changed and that he still loved her? And remember when it was finally revealed that he had cheated with Stassi’s best friend, Kristen Doute, while the two were together? Yeah,  viewers don’t forget.

As if that wasn’t sleazy enough, he lied about it and vehemently denied ever sleeping with Kristen. Oh yeah, and Kristen was dating his best friend at the time, Tom Sandoval. Scandalous ... and gross.


6. They broke up during season 6.

After finding out that Jax had slept with Faith, the two ended their relationship. As the two sat on the couch together, Jax said, “I’m just, like, really unhappy. I’ve been unhappy for such a long time. I am not good in relationships. You deserve a lot better than me. I just don’t think we should be together anymore. I’m not happy with myself. I don’t like who I am and it’s not because of you.”

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that the two had sex later that night and again the next morning. Even though Brittany just had her heart broken. (Come on, Brittany! Really?)


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7. He had a really strange relationship with his Reiki instructor.

Kelsey Patel, who was featured on this last season, gave Jax guidance in his life and seemed to be helping him overcome some of his inner turmoil. But the two seemed close — and not in a good way.

He insisted Kelsey call him by his real name, Jason. Their hugs would also linger a little too long and he would tell her he loved her when they chatted on the phone. At one point, he also requested that Brittany leave the room while he had a session with Kelsey.

8. He was planning to move ... without Brittany!

After one of his sessions, Jax was convinced he was meant to take a job in Florida, doing social media and communications for a hockey team. Though he had no details about what the job would entail, he told Brittany he was serious about moving.


“I don’t see much holding me back. There’s really nothing here for me,” he said. Ouch. Hey Jax, remember when your girlfriend literally picked up her entire life and moved across the country for you?

9. He constantly uses her breast implants against her.

Jax takes pride in the fact that he bought Brittany her implants — and he doesn’t ever turn down an opportunity to rub it in her face. When he pressured her to get implants, he told her, “It's not just for you, it's for me.” He then told the plastic surgeon, “Throw some Ds on this.” Just... no.


And anytime the two would have an argument, he was quick to remind her who gave her her new breasts. Shady AF, Jax.

10. He started a salacious rumor about Brittany.

In season 5, Jax told everyone that he walked in on Brittany and Kristen having sex, a rumor that both women deny. Jax knew full well that Kristen was in a relationship at the time. Seriously, who does that, especially with all the trouble it could potentially cause?

11. She’s good friends with his exes.

Okay, this may not be considered that weird, but Brittany is very good friends with Stassi and Kristen. Obviously, Brittany knows the extent of the drama that went down between the three in the past, but it seems she’s fit right in with Jax’s group of friends, including the women he’s slept with or dated. Brittany spent her anniversary with Stassi, getting pampered at a spa, and has also asked for Stassi’s advice on how to handle Jax.


12. Brittany claims he’s changed.

Jax’s father passed away in December 2017 after a battle with stage IV esophageal cancer. He credits Brittany with helping him get through this difficult time, and is treating her much better.

According to a source close to the couple, “Brittany is saying that Jax is being better since his dad passed away and is more loving with her. He sees her side more. He wants to be a good man now and be good to Brittany like he promised his dad.”


We do truly wish Jax and Brittany the best and hope that Jax is serious about settling down. Because Brittany seems like a great person and deserves the world.

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