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Who Is Brian Carter? New Details About 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute's Boyfriend

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Who Is Brian Carter? New Details About 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute's Boyfriend

After her long-term relationship with Tom Sandoval ended, as did her tumultuous relationship with James Kennedy, Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules has been in a stable partnership with her boyfriend, Carter, for over three years now. We all remember what Kristen has been through, from being fired from SUR in 2015, to losing Sandoval to his now-girlfriend Ariana Madix, to taking Bravo fans on a neverending rollercoaster of emotion and self-destruction.

Exactly who is Brian Carter? While he originally came to Los Angeles to get into show business, he’s also worked as a producer, a production assistant, a server, model, and actor. He currently works as a photographer, “shooting a lot of movie posters and TV shows and whatnot for their marketing campaigns,” according to him.

He and Kristen got together shortly after her split from James but he’s also friends with the rest of the cast. Carter has also said he loves Kristen, even the “crazy,” which, as we all know, comes out frequently.

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But is her relationship as stable as we think?  

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi, Katie, Brittany, Lala, Scheana, Kristen, and Ariana were on a girl’s trip to Solvang, CA. During a wine tasting, Stassi called Carter a “bad guy,” and revealed that Kristen is actually miserable in her relationship.

Kristen began acting outrageously and was drunk, and Stassi was quick to come up with a reason for her behavior. “We’ve only been in Solvang for a few hours and I’m already noticing things about Kristen that are a little unsettling. She’s definitely not acting like herself,” she said in her confessional.


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Always one to cause a scene, Kristen got drunker and drunker, and was eventually set off by Brittany calling Jax to check in, and revealing that James was DJing a party at PUMP.

“The fact that Lisa keeps giving James chance after chance after chance... I am literally the only person that isn’t worthy of a second chance. I’m f***ing done. Giving him a chance again. Suck my d***, Lisa. I’m saying it, I’m over it. I’m over it. I’m just gonna have to commit murder,” Kristen said.


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When she showed up at dinner later, she was still drunk, but explained she still had anger towards James. But that was just the beginning because Carter then texted her saying that James had joined the rest of them for a guy’s night out, causing Kristen to lose her everloving mind.

Katie called Carter to explain the situation, but he wouldn’t talk about what made Kristen so upset.

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“Really, Carter? I just told you your girlfriend fell over a table. Can you try to give one single f*** about what’s going on right now?” she said in her confessional. She then said to the girls, “I think Carter is not good for her.”

Stassi chimed in: “Carter’s not good for her. They’re miserable. She says this every day... He doesn’t give a f***. He doesn’t pay for anything, he doesn’t pay rent. He literally does nothing. Nothing.” Instantly regretting what she said, she recanted: “That this was not my place. That was not my f***ing place. I feel so weird right now. Everybody knows it but no one says it. It would be one thing if she was paying for everything and he was nice to her.”


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So, are things really as bad as they seem with the couple? When Kristen appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, Andy Cohen asked her about her current relationship status.

“You know what? Honestly, I bleed out for the show. Like, I show every single second of everything. And so for this, I’m just going have to say, like... we’re figuring it out... Especially if you want to talk about what’s happening today, like, the show airing and what’s been going on in our relationship for the past year or more, like, we’re figuring it out. So we’ll let you all know when we get to that place.”

Andy replied, “It doesn't sound promising.”


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In a December 2018 interview with Who, she alluded to problems in their relationship:

“Carter and I have a little bit of a bumpy summer. No cheating or anything like that, but we’ve been together for three-and-a-half years and definitely had issues I was almost choosing to not confront. Like we’d have a fight at night and just ignore it the next morning, and it just became a pattern. All my wonderful girlfriends were like, ‘Look, you can’t hide this from the show. Because if you’re hiding it from the show, you’re really hiding it from your life.’”

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