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Are Natalie Negrotti And Johnny Bananas Dating?

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Are Natalie Negrotti and Johnny Bananas Dating?

Natalie Negrotti and Johnny Bananas are back on the MTV reality competition series The Challenge: War of the Worlds, and again, rumors are spreading that the two are a couple.

The two did have a “fling” during The Challenge: Vendettas, but their relationship seemed to go sour during The Challenge: Final Reckoning.

So are Natalie Negrotti and Johnny Bananas dating? Here's what we know.

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1. They are not a couple.

According to Hollywood Life, Natalie and Johnny aren’t on good terms. When Negrotti arrived for War of the Worlds, they “were not talking again,” Natalie said.

“It is what it is,” she said. “We have a very messed up, dysfunctional thing. We’re not even in each other’s lives right now. Coming into this season, we were not friends.”


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2. Negrotti is willing to work with Bananas.

While they aren’t friends, Negrotti is open to an alliance with Bananas in the game, if she has to.

“I’m willing to work with anyone for game purposes,” she revealed. “With each person and their personality, you know who you can trust at what point and to what degree. I’m going to work with whoever I need to get me further in the game through an alliance. I’m the kind of person where… I can put my differences aside. If I don’t like you in real life and you don’t like me, we don’t have to be best friends. I’m willing to put that aside to play the game.” 


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3. Negrotti has fallen for co-stars before.

Negrotti’s claim to fame occurred during Big Brother 18, when she also had a show-mance with house guest James Huling. That relationship carried over outside the Big Brother house.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has been doing various seasons of MTV’s The Challenge franchise for more than a decade now, having first appeared on the 2006 Key West version of The Real World.

Devenanzio has won plenty of cash thanks to his MTV appearances, and he has moved from participating in challenging battles into making some other new TV opportunities for himself. While he’s also participating on The Challenge: War of the Worlds which premiered this Feb. 6, he’s also hosting the NBC show First Look.

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4. Bananas is single.

Devenanzio, 36, does appear to be single at the moment. He dated professional snowboarder Hannah Teter for five years, but the couple split some time ago.

While Bananas had a short-lived relationship with Negrotti for a brief time, their relationship didn’t seem to develop into much of anything.

Bananas has developed some romances with other Challenge co-stars over the years. From his appearances over the years, fans know he’s a pretty big flirt. But for now, doesn’t appear that he is currently attached to anybody.


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5. They did once date.

During The Challenge: Vendettas, Jonny and Natalie immediately began flirting, taking their relationship as co-stars off-camera as well. The reality stars were caught enjoying dinner together in New York City in January 2018. 

6. She likes her new co-star.

This season of The Challenge, the veterans are paired with newcomers from other reality shows, with the rookies getting to pick their teammate. Negrotti was chosen by Ex on the Beach Brazil star, JP Andrade.

“There was a few people I really wanted as my partner — Turbo [Camkiran], Gus [Smyrnios] and JP were the three I wanted to be paired up with,” Natalie admitted. “I’m really happy JP chose me. He’s Brazilian, I’m Venezuelan, and he’s strong.”

Negrotti shared a photo on her Instagram of her with fellow Challenge star, Joao Paulo "JP" Andrade. 

“Say hola to my new Challenge teammate from Brazil @brjotape and yes ladies we’re both taken. This is a good man right here and one of the few who didn’t cheat on his significant other.” 

Negrotti is dating someone, but it isn’t Bananas! And who cheated on her? Hmmm. Well it’s not this guy, Jozea who she posted recently posted about on Instagram:

“I’m drunk (I had two drinks lol) I might regret posting this because I look a mess... but I love u Jozea. U r a true friend and I know u for u and u know me for me. And that is a memory we will always have that money can’t buy."


A post shared by Natalie Mercedes Negrotti (@natalienegrotti) on Feb 20, 2019 at 3:41pm PST

7. Negrotti was dating a woman.

Negrotti revealed that she is pansexual and dating a woman during the July 17, 2018 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Negrotti revealed, “ I’m not a lesbian, I’m pansexual,” Natalie, 28, told Us Weekly on the “Watch With Us” podcast. She also said on the podcast that she was in an exclusive relationship with a woman, who she describes as her “biggest supporter.”   

“It’s been a 28-year battle for me,” Natalie said. “I wanted to set a standard because you can’t do that. There are so many teenagers and kids that commit suicide every year because they get outed inappropriately. She took something that was mine and made it her own, and she did it really in a nasty way. Outing someone is not right and I want to set that standard … I wanted to come out in the right way, I wanted to turn it into something positive so that viewers that are going through the same thing that I’ve gone through don’t have to go through it for 28 years.”

The former NFL cheerleader added: “She’s a really great fit for me, and she’s really special to me.”


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