Who Is Johnny Bananas Dating? New Details On 'The Challenge' Star John Devenanzio's Girlfriend

What's Johnny's relationship status?

Who Is Johnny Bananas Dating? New Details On 'The Challenge' Star John Devenanzio's Girlfriend Instagram

The Challenge is back with its 33rd season, and fans can't wait to find out more about what's going on in the personal lives of their favorite contestants. The show, which pits people from different reality shows from all over the world against some beloved and cherished MTV veterans in different challenges. One of those favorites being Johnny Bananas, a.k.a. John Devenanzio.

Known for getting into some pretty steamy romances and flirtationships with his fellow challengers, we can always count on Devenanzio, 36, to be hitting up somebody. But after being on the show for so long, you have to wonder if he's tired of his shallow, on-screen relationships and is looking for something real. 


With the new season of The Challenge coming back into our living rooms, everyone is asking about Devenanzio's relationship status. 

So who is Johnny Bananas dating? We've got all the details. 

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1. He broke up with Hannah Teter. 

In 2017, Devenanzio and Teter called it quits. The reality star and Teter, who is an Olympic-winning professional snowboarder (a gold and silver medal in TWO different Olympic games) had started dating back in 2012. They would share a lot of photos of them hanging out and enjoying their mutual love of thrilling adventures and spots. 


But two seasons ago, Devenanzio surprised his Challenge castmates and shocked his fans when he announced during the season premiere of The Challenge: Vendettas that he was single. 

“This is the first Challenge I’ve come on as a single man,” he said during a confessional. “The Banana has left his bunch. Me and my girlfriend for five years called it quits. So here I am: single and naked as the day I was born.”

2. He had a sex tape leak. 

A sex tape of what appeared to be Devenanzio and a woman leaked last year in August. The woman appeared to look like his ex, Teter, and the site that leaked it even billed it as "Hannah Teter Sex Tape." Devenanzio's named wasn't mentioned on the site, but a lot of people speculated that it was him in the X-rated tape. 


Fellow challenger Jemmye Carrol tweeted, "I didn’t realize the [banana emoji] was that small.”

That caused Cara Maria Sorbello to respond with a more serious tone. 

“Forget Johnny. There’s a girl there that didn’t ask for this. She has a family. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone, not even my worst enemy. Truly. It’s terrible that someone would do that to anyone.”

The arm tattoos on the man in the video matched the ones that Devenanzio has in real life, but he never commented if it was him or not. 

3. After that he dated Natalie Negrotti. 

After that whole scandal died down, Devenanzio started dating Big Brother's Natalie Negrotti after they met on The Challenge: Vendettas.  The romance didn't last super long; they were over by the time The Challenge: Final Reckoning started fliming. 


Many people accused her of messing with Devenanzio's head during the show. 

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4. He's been linked to other cast members. 

Since he's been single, Devenanzio has kept himself busy flirting and getting close with other Challenge cast members. He's been linked to Casey Cooper, Nany Gonzalez, and Camila Nakagawa. 


5. He wants to be The Bachelor

Devenanzio recently made it publicly known that he would like to be the next Bachelor on ABC. After spending 13 years with MTV, he talks like he might be ready to jump ship and find love for good. 

"Hell yeah, dude!" Devenanzio told E! News. "Out of all the shows that are out there, that's the one — I wouldn't do those other dating shows. I wouldn't do, like, Ex on the Beach or whatever, none of those, but The Bachelor would be dope, dude. That would actually be a lot of fun."

E! News tweeted about the potential casting, and even Colton Underwood was game. 


"I think I'd bring a different edginess and a sense of humor that show, I think, is severely lacking. I think there's a lot of things about The Bachelor that's just like, ‘Ugh!' Get someone in there who's not so cookie cutter and just soft around the edges," he said. "Dude, I don't know. I think they could use somebody who's a little grittier, a little edgier, a little more dynamic. And I definitely think I'm that and then the whole dealing with the ladies aspect, I think I'd be good at that."

6. He recently threw shade at his friend for staying with someone who cheated on her. 

When MTV-er Cara Maria Sorbello got back together with Paul Calafiore even though he had lied to her for months in a cheating scandal, Devenanzio made it known that he wasn't about it. 

After all of her cast mates took to Twitter to express their opinions over the drama, Sorbello tweeted: 


"I just realized. My Twitter feed is basically horses and pizza. Not me constantly negatively commenting on my castmates lives regardless of whether they are happy or sad. That’s. So. Weird.” 

Devenanzio responded by saying "Great advice Cara! You should have cc’d your sociopath of a boyfriend on this tweet.”



The Bachelor

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7. He's single. 

Despite all of the potential romances, it appears that Devenanzio, a.k.a. Johnny Bananas is single. The Challenge premiered on Feb. 6 and is on every Wednesday at 9 p.m. 


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