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5 Complicated Details About Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne Floyd And Cory Wharton's Relationship

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5 Complicated Details About Cheyenne Floyd And Cory Wharton's Relationship

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton’s relationship may be new to Teen Mom OG, but the two  stars are longtime MTV veterans.

Wharton’s relationship (and pregnancy scare) issues have been documented since his first appearance on MTV’s Real World: Ex-Plosion. Likewise for Floyd, whose introduction to the MTV family began when she was cast on the third season of Are You The One.

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The two officially met on The Challenge: Rivals III, and the rest is history. Today, the pair shares a daughter, Ryder K.

Though Floyd wasn’t technically a teen mom (she gave birth to Ryder at 24), she joined the cast of Teen Mom OG in 2018 as a replacement for Farrah Abraham, to the apparent dismay of the real OG cast members.

“Amber is pissed off about the new cast member,” a source told Radar Online about Amber Portwood. “They’ve been doing Teen Mom for ten years and don’t think they like the idea of someone who is a total newbie and has never even been on the show before coming on permanently.”

Likewise, Catelynn Lowell and husband Tyler Baltierra were reportedly upset that MTV was bringing in moms from outside of the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom franchises.

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However, Floyd has defended her place on the show. “The show is called Teen Mom so I know of course people are going to be stuck that I wasn’t a teen parent,” Floyd told Page Six. “I’m trying not to be stuck on proving to everyone. I’m not a teen mom but hey you know I’m a young parent trying to figure it out like everybody else is.”

Despite not being in a relationship, Wharton has stepped up to the plate to help co-parent Ryder. Here are some of the complicated details about Cory and Cheyenne’s relationship that got them where they are today.

1. They reportedly only hooked up once

On their season of The Challenge, Floyd and Wharton were noticeably flirtatious — those who are familiar with Wharton know that’s not out of character for him. Us Weekly reported that Floyd didn’t reveal whether or not they actually hooked up on the show, a source told Us that they “were seen being affectionate off camera.”

According to Wharton, the two then met up after the show and decided that they each wanted to do their own thing. However, they crossed paths again in New York, where Wharton said “that’s when all that happened.”

2. He joked about a pregnancy on Snapchat

Though Floyd reportedly didn’t tell Wharton that he was Ryder’s father until after her birth, Wharton joked about a pregnancy on a Snapchat story when he and Floyd were hanging out. However, he followed up with another story claiming he was joking.

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3. Cory didn’t know he was a father until Ryder was 6 months old

Though Floyd was open about her pregnancy on Instagram, she didn’t reveal that Wharton was the father until Ryder was 6 months old. Wharton revealed that he knew about Floyd’s pregnancy, but didn’t think he was the father since they had only hooked up once and Floyd had another boyfriend at the time. “We were about 90% sure it was his. Got tested, and it comes back zero. So, everyone got thrown through the loop,” Wharton told Us.

4. They’re both seeing other people

Despite having a daughter together, Wharton and Floyd haven’t pursued a romantic relationship. “We’re best friends. We work together with everything and put everything into Ryder,” Floyd told Us. In fact, both Wharton and Floyd have since been romantically linked to other people.

Wharton’s romantic life has been thoroughly documented on his various MTV appearances on The Challenge and Ex on the Beach. Wharton was with another MTV personality, Alicia Lavida, when he found out he was a father. It was very shocking, especially because we had built this foundation of ‘Let’s see what we can do.’ Then this came up,” Lavida told Us. “I was there for him, and I wanted them to know, ‘This doesn’t change anything.’ He was really happy that I was there for him and by his side.”

While Floyd has managed to keep her love life more under wraps, it’s likely we’ll catch a glimpse of her boyfriend “Zach” at some point on Teen Mom. Luckily, he seems to get along well with Wharton. "Cory is great with me when Zach and I are bad," Floyd reportedly says on an upcoming Teen Mom episode. "And Zach is good with me when Cory and I are fighting.”

5. Is Cheyenne in love with Cory?

Co-parenting relationships are always complicated, especially when new romantic relationships enter the picture. And according to Wharton, Floyd wants to be more than just co-parents with him. "I think it eats her up a little bit that I'm not ready, because I think she's ready," he reportedly admitted. "I just feel like there's something there ... because she still has feelings for me and she doesn't know how to cope with that."

Do they have a possible future together? According to Wharton, yes. “I mean, the door is never closed, right? When you have a kid with somebody that door is always open,” he’s said.

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