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17 Best Karl Lagerfeld Quotes About Life, Fashion And Hard Work

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17 Best Karl Lagerfeld Quotes About Life, Fashion And Hard Work

The fashion world lost a god today: Karl Lagerfeld passed away on Feb. 19 at 85 years old.

He is best known for his work with Chanel starting in 1983 when the line was said to be dead. Lagerfeld said it himself: he was “to revive a dead woman.” Lagerfeld not only revived Chanel; he transformed it. The icon was also among the first to bring luxury fashion to the masses. He was the first designer to design a collection for H&M in 2004.

Lagerfeld’s fashion career began with a womenswear design competition in 1954, two years after moving to Paris from his native Germany. He’d seen a Dior show in Hamburg, which inspired him to move to the fashion capital. About 10 years later, Lagerfeld began working with Fendi, and his collaboration with the Italian fashion house lasted for the rest of his life. Soon after Fendi, Lagerfeld began his incredible work with Chanel as the house’s artistic director, which thrust him into center stage of couture.

His eye for fashion was not limited to clothing. Lagerfeld designed three different bottles for Diet Coke. It was, after all, his favorite drink. He also designed a collection based on his beloved cat, Choupette.

Lagerfeld worked until nearly the end — he missed a Chanel show in January. But even in the last few months of his life, the fashion legend was quick-witted and had no fear in sharing his many opinions. His long, innovative career brought not only stunning fashion into the world, but also memorable (and sometimes) biting quips that make this visionary unforgettable, no matter how much he might have wanted to be forgotten.

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Here are some of our favorite Karl Lagerfeld-isms and the 17 best Karl Lagerfeld quotes:

1. Little black dress. 

2. Fashion is a language. 

3. Imagination.

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4. Everybody can look chic.

5. On being a legend. 

6. Strangeness

7. Not from this earth.

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8. To design is to breathe 


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9. On elegance. 

10. Vanity. 

11. Personality begins 

12. Living the high life. 

13. Designer bags.

14. Modern style.

15. Feelings

16. Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. 


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17. One day it will be over.


“I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.” #karllagerfeld 

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