15 Best Kate Spade Quotes About Life, Business, And Making An Entrance

The world is mourning the iconic designer but she left behind a wonderful legacy.

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The world is shocked at the passing of designer Kate Spade in New York City today. While we are still unsure about all the circumstances surrounding her death, it's certain that we have lost a fashion and lifestyle visionary. 

From bags to housewares, Kate Spade's bright, accessible style made us all feel like our best selves. In addition to creating objects that were destined to be instant classics, she scattered her stores, bags, and social media feeds with quips and quotes that are as charming and aspirational as her handbags and shoes. Anyone carrying a Kate Spade purse or donning her shoes could feel like the "She" her products were designed to embody.


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Here are some of our favorite Kate Spade-isms and the 15 best Kate Spade quotes:

1. Flights of Fancy

2. Small Talk Is Cheap

3. Open Hearts

4. Dramatic Entrance

5. No Fear

6. Words of Welcome

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7. Truth in T-Shirts

8.  En Francais

9. Live Out Loud

10. Take It To 11

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11. Dress For Success

12. Artiste

13. Leadership Skills

14. Pep Talk

15. The End

Kate Spade's story is a fairy tale in so many ways. She took her vision and turned it into a legacy of beauty and style that we will all appreciate even now that she's gone. We are inspired to be the "She" that she envisioned for us and we mourn her loss and offer our condolences to her friends and family.


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