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4 New Details About Johnny Bananas' Ex Hannah Teter, Including Info About Their Alleged Leaked Sex Tape

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Who Is Hannah Teter? New Details About The Challenge Johnny Bananas Sex Tape Featuring His Ex Girlfriend

Since making a name for himself on MTV's The Challenge, Johnny Bananas (real name Johnny Devenanzio) has been known as the house prankster. However, it seems the tides have turned — but this joke isn’t funny.

The website notorious for posting private celebrity photos and videos leaked Johnny Bananas’ sex tape featuring Bananas’ ex-girlfriend Hannah Teter.

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Though neither Bananas nor Teter has yet to publicly comment on the leak, which Celeb Jihad titled “Hannah Teter Sex Tape,” Bananas’ tattoos and hairstyle are unmistakable in the video.

We’ve all come to know Johnny Bananas, and even though he wasn’t named in the leak, real Challenge fans can identify him in a heartbeat — but who is Hannah Teter? Many fans on Twitter who’ve commented on the leak simply called Teter “some blonde girl,” but it turns out she’s just as (if not more) famous in the athlete world than her ex.

1. Hannah Teter’s nude photos were also posted on the site

It appears Teter was Celeb Jihad’s true target, as the video leak was only one piece of the total post which included multiple photos of Teter in various states of undress. Though Teter has shared some similar photos on her own Instagram page (which is completely different considering that’s obviously done with intention and of her own will), apart from the video, Celeb Jihad also uploaded photos of the athlete completely naked.

2. Bananas and Teter broke up in 2017

Bananas surprised a lot of Challenge fans when he announced on the season premiere of The Challenge: Vendettas that he was no longer in a relationship. “This is the first Challenge I’ve come on as a single man,” he said in a confessional. “The Banana has left his bunch. Me and my girlfriend for five years called it quits. So here I am: single and naked as the day I was born.” It appears he’s found himself in a similar position today.

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3. Some of Bananas’ Challenge castmates have spoken up about the alleged sex tape

Though neither Teter nor Bananas have taken to their respective social media accounts to address the leak, a few of Bananas’ castmates have taken sides.

Bananas’ costar Jemmye took to Twitter to make a joke out of the situation:

However, Bananas’ other castmate and close friend Cara Maria wasn’t fond of Jemmye’s approach, chastising her for making light of the leak. “Theres an innocent girl in all this. If it wasnt meant for your eyes you shouldnt watch it,” Cara wrote. “I wouldnt wish that pain on anyone not even my worst enemy. Truly. Its terrible that someone would do that to anyone,” she continued.

4. Teter is a professional snowboarder

While Bananas’ physical prowess on The Challenge proves that he’s an athlete, Teter is a decorated athlete herself. According to the Olympic Team USA website, she’s competed in 3 Olympic Winter Games as a snowboarding, medaling in two. Her Twitter page also reveals that she’s a 7-time X-Games medalist.

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