The Best Love Match For Sagittarius Zodiac Signs, By Life Path Number

A deeper understanding of Sagittarius through Numerology

Love Relationship Compatibility For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, By Life Path Number Numerology pexels

When looking for love there are lots of ways to find the perfect match. Some people say to compare your careers, backgrounds, and even birth order number. Others say to look at zodiac signs and your horoscope astrology.

But there are other ways to find love that you may not have tried that include numerology such as life path number via numerology. Certain life path numbers are more like a Sagittarius than any other horoscope sign, and so it's neat to see which ones may provide the most love and intimacy that the Archer needs. 


As a Saggitarious, you're known for being ever curious and energetic in regards to the life around you.

You are honest, and at times can be brutally so, saying exactly what you need to get your way. Ultimately, you find yourself striving to accomplish your own dreams, looking for joy in the world around you in any way that you can, and optimistic about the world as a whole. 


There are several life path numbers that would tend to line up extremely well with these values; however, the top 3 are only a simple scroll away. Discover a deeper understanding of what it means to be Sagittarius zodiac sign according to the most compatible life path numbers listed below. You may find that this is the science you needed to pair up with the love of your life. 

Here are the life paths that are most like a Sagittarius zodiac sign and may be more compatible in love and relationships, per numerology.

Life Path Number 5 

People with the life path number 5 tend to be very free-spirited, right along with Sagittarius. These people tend to stay moving, staying busy, and also moving around. Where Sagittarius loves to travel, a five can't help but feel drawn to find the next thing on the horizon and head straight for it. Both Sagittarius and fives will find themselves exploring their curiosities through travel and an appreciation for the exotic.

Life Path Number 4

While Sagittarius tends to be naturally inquisitive and curious, life path nummber 4 tends to be those excited about learning. These have been identified time and time again as the teachers and students, those who jump at a chance to learn and discover! They also tend to enjoy coordinating events and opportunities, using that extrovert Sagittarius persona to pull off great things.


Life Path Number 3

Sagittarius is commonly known to be fairly extroverted, making connections with others quickly. Life path number 3 does the same thing. Known for being the life of the party and a lively, if fleeting participant. Life path 3 tends to take things in stride, with a sense of humor, and light heart. 

In the same way Sagittarius can find joy in every place they explore. Both groups use humor as an asset to allow them to live life joyfully. Both of these groups tend to believe they should always get what they want, and are willing to fight to make it happen. 

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Beth El Fattal is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationships topics.