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Who Is Hannah Godwin? New Details On The Bachelor Contestant Who Won The First Impression Rose From Colton

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Who Is Hannah Godwin? New Details On The Bachelor Contestant Who Won The First Impression Rose From Colton

The last season of The Bachelor is in full swing and the contestants are starting to go home as Colton Underwood narrows down his field of potential wives. Colton has sent 16 women home — not including the woman who left of her own accord after she decided Colton wasn’t the man for her. But one contestant has made the cut week after week, including when she got the coveted First Impression Rose during the January premiere. Hannah Godwin, a model and photographer, continues to keep Colton’s attention as the season goes on.

But why? Who is Hannah Godwin? Read on for everything you need to know about her.

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1. She was almost Miss Alabama.

Godwin competed for the title of Miss Alabama USA in 2018. The blonde beauty didn’t win — but that’s not the end of her story.

The winner that year was none other than the other Hannah on this season’s Bachelor. Hannah Brown took the crown but maybe Godwin will win the final rose.

2. She's multi-talented.

Hannah lists her occupation as an “influencer” but she’s come to the show with a unique set of skills.

She studied photography but changed her direction during college and got a degree in business marketing. Her goal now is “to grow my brand, enjoy life, & hopefully inspire people in the process.” 


A post shared by Hannah Godwin (@hannahg11) on Jun 3, 2015 at 5:53pm PDT

3. She's a model — even though she never intended to be. 

Modeling is the most visible of Hannah’s jobs but she said it came as a surprise career to her when she started doing it 2013. Even now, she claims: "I don't consider myself to be a so-called 'model.' I consider myself to be Hannah, who happens to like the creative aspect of social media & modeling in general!”

On her blog, she wrote about how she's the "last person" you'd expect to become a model.

"I had braces until like 10th grade, darker hair, zero clue about makeup, and had only participated in myspace photoshoots with my friends (thank god many of those deleted along with my myspace). But really, any of my peers from High School are probably as shocked as I am that I do modeling now... I'm so thankful for the years where I blended in WAY more than I stood out, that's really the key to growing who I was."

She works with different brands helping them with their promotion. Many of them use her as a model in campaigns. 

"I truly think one of the reasons I sometimes get reoccurring modeling jobs (aka the most important ones for me) is because of how I treat people, I'm not into all of that 'fake/too good for something' kinda attitude," she said. “Not my ish."

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A post shared by Hannah Godwin (@hannahg11) on Aug 13, 2015 at 6:07pm PDT

4. She's "Insta-famous."

Even before The Bachelor, Hannah had a significant following on Instagram with over tens of thousands of people looking at her pics. Now, she’s close to 500K followers.

he shares photos of herself as well as her own photography, which includes her other passion — food.


A post shared by Hannah Godwin (@hannahg11) on May 27, 2018 at 4:04pm PDT

5. Colton says she reminds him of "home." 

She got Colton’s attention right off the bat. He even took her aside to share his first impressions of her, which included that she reminded him of home.

"And while you were nervous, I was too. Still am, a little bit... you sort of owned the nervousness, you owned your imperfections and it was so nice and so refreshing to see and to hear. It's just so easy and so much fun and it's so enjoyable to be around you. Your energy instantly lifts me up," he said on the show. 

6. What next?

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess how the season will turn out. A lot of fans are predicting Cassie Randolph will take home the final rose and a diamond ring but no one is ruling Hannah out yet.

In the upcoming Feb. 11 episode of the show, it looks like Hannah G gets a one-on-one date with Colton in Thailand after the Rose Ceremony is continued from last week's episode. Hopefully, the between Oneyka and Nicole drama has settled down and Colton can put his focus on once again finding love.  

Keep watching The Bachelor and find out what happens next.

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