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Who Is Rick Stanley? New Details About RHOC Shannon Beador's New Boyfriend

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Who Is Rick Stanley? New Details About RHOC Shannon Beador's New Boyfriend

A Real Housewife of Orange County is dating a real executive at the company that makes her show.

Shannon Beador, who is still in court finalizing her divorce from her husband of 17 years, is reportedly getting cozy with Comcast Spotlight executive. Beador is keeping it in the TV family with Rick Stanely, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales at Comcast Spotlight. Comcast is the parent company of Bravo network, which produces the Real Housewives shows.

The pair have been spotted together at fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant in LA and reportedly appeared together at a Comcast Spotlight charity event in Philadelphia just last week.

Who is Rick Stanley? read on for all the details.

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1. Corporate leader

Stanley’s bio on the Comcast Spotlight website lists his repsonsibilities within the company as “overall sales strategy and sales execution of the company’s video product suite in 34 designated market areas including San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami and Denver.” He previously managed Comcast operations for San Francisco and Seattle. In his current role, he’s based in Denver.

2. Divorced

Like Beador, Stanley is divorced and has kids with his previous spouse. The two were both six months out from the ends of their respective marriages when they met. Sources close to the couple say that fact helped them bond.

3.  Taking it slowly

Beador hasn’t finalized her own divorce yet and is still in court wrangling over custody and spousal support with ex-husband David. The court battle is ugly, with David accusing Beador of abusing alcohol and the two of them disputing each other’s income statements. As a result, Beador is taking things slowly with the new man in her life.


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4. Out and about

Even though Beador and Stanley aren’t rushing things, they've been making some appearance toegther. They went to a basketball game together in Denver and Beador has visited him there several times,times, according to Radar Online. They've also been spotted in LA and we reportedly together at a black tie affair in Philadelphia over the weekend.


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5. Cast approval

While dating someone inside the Comcast corporate structure might seem like a professional risk, the cast of RHOC is excited for Beador. They hope their relationship will turn into a storyline for the show. A source told Radar Online, " It’s kind of a scandal that she’s dating a network executive. But they are urging her to go public with the relationship. They’re hoping she can talk him into being on the show!” But the private Stanley allegedly isn’t interested in being on reality TV.

Will Stanley be the next husband for this Housewife? Time will tell. 

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