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Who Is Andy King? New Details On The 'Oral Sex' Guy From The Fyre Festival Documentary On Netflix

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Who Is Andy King? New Details On The 'Oral Sex' Guy From The Fyre Festival Documentary On Netflix

Who is Andy King? Ever since the release of Netflix's newest documentary; Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened, many people are curious about the man who was willing to perform oral sex for water bottles. His name is Andy King.

To recap, the Fyre Festival was a "luxury music festival" created with the intention of promoting Fyre music booking mobile application. It was scheduled to take place from April 28-30 and May 5-7, 2017, on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma.

The event was promoted on Instagram by "social media influencers" including socialites and model Kendall Jenner, model Bella Hadid, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, many of whom did not initially disclose they had been paid to do so. 

During the launch of the festival, Fyre Festival organizers, spearheaded by now-felon Billy McFarland, encountered many issues related to security, medical services, artist relations, and food and drink accommodations due to fees not being paid out.

With these difficulties, Andy, Billy's right-hand man, was tasked to get Evian; the company that would be providing the water for the festival, to be brought through customs. 

Because they couldn't afford the customs fees, Andy was asked by Billy McFarland to perform oral sex on the officer in order to have customs bring over the water they needed. The next day, he was prepared to do what was necessary to get the water to the festival, including performing oral sex to the officer.

Fortunately, when Andy arrived at customs, the officer allowed him to take the water as long as he was promised to be paid first for the fees that were required to bring the water over.

So, who is this man who was willing to do whatever it took to get water to the festival? We got you covered. Here are the latest details about Andy King.

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1. He became a viral meme.


After the Netflix documentary came out, people on Twitter have been using Andy's name and face as a meme. 

2. King is an event planner.


King became associated with the Fyre Festival because of his remarkable event planning expertise. His work has been noticed by multiple publications and even landed him on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, where he was dubbed "America's First Corporate Concierge."

He is currently the co-founder of Inward Point, the company he founded six years ago to produce sustainable, zero-waste events, since 2013.

3. He's a cookbook author.


Besides being an event planner, he is also known for his cooking skills, which have landed him cookbooks titled Quick and Easy Menus for Entertaining: Secrets of a Savy Cook, with easy recipes that any party host can do. 

He also appeared on ninety-second television segments called Quick Tips from a King, which was syndicated on several ABC affiliated networks.

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4. And an interior decorator.


His talents go beyond cooking and event planning. He is also known for decorating homes and workplaces. His decorated spaces have been featured in The New York Times, Maison Decoration, and Quest. 

5. He's been offered TV gigs since being featured in the documentary.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, he confirms that ever since the release of the documentary on Netflix, networks have offered him hosting gigs on upcoming shows.

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