Which Life Path Numbers Will Love You Best If You're A Pisces Zodiac Sign

Think you might be compatible?

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Can you find true love by looking to numerology or life path numbers?

Each person born under the Pisces zodiac sign (February 19th to March 20th) share a birthday window where their horoscope personality traits are closely identified with the element of water and ruled by the planet, Neptune.

In numerology, life path numbers have a ruling planet, too, and this can greatly influence the way a person is, especially when in love.


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You can by learning a little bit about life path numbers and numerology and move beyond the study of zodiac signs. By definition, numerology is the belief in the divine relationship between numbers and coinciding events.


This study can be used to calculate something called a life path number. Determined by your date of birth, your life path number explains a person’s purpose in life, and the successes and challenges they are likely to face throughout their life journey.

If your life path number is 8, it means that although you may struggle to find a way to get there, that you are destined to be financially powerful. If your life path number is 5, it means that you live to experience freedom and therefore need a career that will allow you to be adventurous.

Knowing these key things can help a person determine who they would be most compatible with. To narrow down the compatibility search, life path numbers can be compared to zodiac signs which are also used to determine how a person’s personality traits affect their interactions with others. Take the mutable water sign Pisces for example.

Pisces are the most intuitive of all the zodiacs, which makes it easier for them to achieve the best emotional relationships in life. They love romance and will do anything for their loved ones. Per astrology, the Pisces zodiac sign values deep connections, so aren’t likely to be involved with people who are in relationships just for fun.


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They want a love connection that will last as long as possible. Because of this, it might make it hard for them to be with someone with the previously mentioned life path number 5. A Pisces would not understand how a person born in life path number 5 would push off finding love or starting a family just to travel the world alone. They would need someone who was more stable.

The following life path numbers are most compatible for love, marriage, friendship, dating when in a relationship with a Pisces horoscope sign.

Life Path 2

What individuals born in life path 2 have most in common with Pisces is their kind and intuitive nature. They genuinely enjoy helping those in need and are therefore constantly looking for service based activities. Pisces will be excited to be with someone who will understand their need to go out and better the community and who will willingly come along with them.


Like Pisces, twos are also known to be artists and have mastered being able to understand others. This allows them to have some of the most successful intimate relationships, same as Pisces.

Together these two individuals will be able to openly express their feelings to one another and overcome any issues they might face. They will be unconditionally loyal and take good care of one another, knowing what the other person needs without even having to be told. 

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Life Path 6

Talk about a match made in heaven. Pisces and sixes are compatible in more ways than one. They are both selfless, artistically creative, devoted and family-oriented. When it comes to their community and their loved ones, they are known to be the glue that holds everything together.


They will each be sure to make sure that the other person continues to have a strong and balanced relationship with the people they truly care about. This could include bringing both sides of the family together to bond.

If there is a problem, sixes and Pisces will always be the first to resolve them. This character trait will ensure that this couple will hold onto each other until they can't anymore. Their life path number warns sixes to be careful of the partners they choose. In deciding to choose a Pisces, they will find the harmony they need to have a successful relationship. 

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Life Path 7

Although sevens are emotional beings, they find it hard to express their emotions. They spend so much time living in their own heads that they miss out on some incredible opportunities to connect with people on a deeper level.


Pisces would be a good match for someone like this, because they are expressive beings. As a water sign, Pisces places a high value on communication, and expect others to be as open as they are. However, because they are able to understand what a person needs, they will be creative and patient in their attempt to get exactly how to get seven to become more comfortable with opening up.

This could include drawing or interpreting pictures to express how they think or feel. If seven has spent some time getting to know and trust themselves and their instincts, when a Pisces comes along they will be ready to receive the strong amount of love and support a Pisces has to give.

In turn seven will be sure to give Pisces the attention that they need to stop taking on the role of martyr, by showing them affection through supporting their dreams.

Life Path 9

One of Pisces lucky numbers is 9. So naturally life path number 9 and Pisces have a lot in common. They are the most tolerant of their So if they were to meet and connect with someone in life path 9, the relationship would stand a pretty good chance of working out.


This is because in any area where one partner struggles, the other will step in and use their strength to lift them up. For nines, their struggle lies in having solid relationships. This is because they don't know how to balance being committed to someone and finding time to serve others.

As humanitarians so much focus is put on the needs of other people, that they forget how to receive... including love. Therefore they need someone who shares their love for giving.

A Pisces is that someone. Pisces will be more than happy to give back to the community alongside their life path number 9 partner, especially when they are allowed to be creative in doing so. Even better, if Pisces gets tired and needs to take time to focus on themselves.

They know that nine will willingly step in for as long as needed, and vice versa. Together they will learn to give and take and remain happy as they both continue to be tolerant and non-judgemental of each other and the people around them. 


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