Which Life Path Numbers Are Most Compatible With A Virgo Zodiac Sign

When life gives you lemons, you should always count them.

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The art of using numerology can immensely benefit your life — especially if you’re a Virgo sign who likes to be highly focused and organized in your daily activities.

Numerology is the belief that a number holds power and a mythical connection to various coincidental events in your life. If you’re detail oriented like a Virgo or intuitive like a Pisces, you’ll notice a reoccurring number throughout the weirdest moments of your life


Whether you’re looking at the time, page number, or receipt subtotal, a reoccurring number can be the universe telling you a very important message about love, your life, or your key relationships. 

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Numerology can be broken down to 12 main life path numbers that represent each zodiac sign. Your life path number is calculated through your birthday and gives you insight into who you are as a person and your strengths and weaknesses. Although each life path number represents a different zodiac sign, you can use multiple numbers to elevate your thinking and bring in more positive energy.

Virgos are known to be analytical, practical, and hardworking individuals with a disdain for chaos and disorder. Once a Virgo zodiac sets a goal, they’ll do anything in their power to make it happen, which they usually do.

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They are perfectionists who don’t accept anything less than amazing so it’s hard for Virgo horoscope signs to understand people who do “just enough” to scrape by. Living in a world with many imperfections, it can be mentally draining for a Virgo.


The Virgo astrology sign will continuously look for order and cleanliness all her life, which can be stressful for her when things don’t go according to plan. Using compatible life path numbers can help the higher beings and universe guide Virgos in the right direction.

So when things go astray and become exhausting, Virgos can count on using the following life path numbers for a more balanced and positive life:

Life Path Number 4

The life path number four portrays disciplined, hardworking, methodical, and precise individuals, which describes a Virgo sign to a T. Virgos should use the number four in order to amplify these qualities and elevate their potential.

When a Virgo feels life is getting out of hand and her motivation is staggering, using the number four will put her back on track. Life path number four will clear a Virgo’s mind and help her refocus on her goals.


Life Path Number 5

The life path number five represents adventurous, daring, social, and flexible people. These qualities are the complete opposite of what Virgos stand for because it often brings chaos. However, a Virgo’s major weakness is her inability to separate work and play. A Virgo will often choose work over socializing, which can hinder her relationships with loved ones and be mentally unhealthy.

Using the number five will allow a Virgo to relax when things get too tense. Virgos must understand that sometimes it’s not her fault when things don’t go according to plan but that everything will be fine. Life path number five will allow Virgos some mental relaxation and build healthy relationships with the people around her. It’ll also help her see that there is more to the world than what she has written in her planner.

Life Path Number 8

The life path number eight tend to be people who are authoritative and business-minded leaders, which are also great career choices for Virgos. A Virgo will find success in administrative positions because of her ability to calculate, organize, and make practical choices.


If a Virgo decides to put her analytical skills to use, using the life path number eight will help her achieve her dream job in an administrative position. Although a Virgo is often quite shy, the life path number eight will help her come out of her shell and excel in her job.

Amy Le is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.