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Who Is Mhel Marrer? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

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who is Mhel Marrer

Comedians of the World on Netflix features stand-up routines from 47 comics, from all different parts of the globe. The best part about this is that viewers can get some insight into what life is like in certain areas of the world. What can we learn from these comedians and their everyday lives? The series also features comedians from non-English-speaking areas, including France, the Netherlands, and Germany, which Netflix provides subtitles for.

And one comedian who should be on your radar is Mhel Marrer. Though she speaks in Portuguese, her topics are completely relatable. She discusses everything from childbirth, to Uber, to relationships, and even how people think pretty women can’t be funny. But don’t take our word for it - plop your booty on the couch and watch her routine already!

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In the meantime, just who is Mhel Marrer? Here are six things to know about how she got her start, her career, and her personal life.

1. She’s from Brazil.

Marrer is a native of São Paulo.

2. She was pursuing another career.


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Before getting into comedy, she studied literature at the University of São Paulo.

3. She became a comedian in 2009.

She won the Best Stand Up Comedian in a contest promoted by fellow comic Rafinha Bastos.

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4. Being in stage is nothing new for her.


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She’s been part of multiple troupes, including the group Humor Stand Up, which performed for five years at the Teatro Folha in São Paulo, and for six years at the Amil Theater in Campinas. She’s appeared at festivals like Risadaria, Risorama, and Virada Cultural, and performs at comedy clubs like Comedians Club, Hillarius Comedy Bar, and Honda Hall Bank. In 2018, she toured her solo show called My Men.

5. She’s also appeared on and written for television.

She’s written for Programa do Porchat, The Piadaria Program, and was a reporter for the Women Who Shine cast. She also was a screenwriter for The Legendary and The Great Farce programs. Marrer has had her stand-up air, including being featured on Comedy Central Apresenta.

6. She’s married.


A post shared by Brunno Passarette (@brunnopassarette) on Nov 23, 2018 at 5:33am PST

Marrer is married to Brunno Passarette, who is also a comedian. The couple has one son together, and she has an older son from a previous relationship.

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