Who Is Tania Dutel? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

She's French.

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Comedians of the World on Netflix features 47 stand-up routines from international comics. Viewers can watch routines from all over the globe, including the Netherlands, India, the UK, and the Middle East, just to name a few. But the unique thing about this series is that Netflix offers subtitles for the programs. Now you have no excuse to not park your booty on the couch and binge-watch every single stand-up routine.


And one of the comics you need to watch is Tania Dutel. She covers a variety of topics, like feminism, sexuality, sexism... and hair removal. But what sets her apart is her voracity to use humor in a way that raises serious issues.

Though she uses absurdity, she also can be raw at times. “Before I did not necessarily go into the debate on these kinds of topics. But today I do not care, I go there. It’s easier for me, I worked a lot, I feel more legitimate,” she’s said.

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But just who is Tania Dutel? What do we know about this comedian’s personal life and career in comedy? Here are five details to know about her.


1. She’s from France.

Dutel is a native of Villefranche-sur-Saône, a commune in eastern France. She grew up in the vineyards!

2. She’s always had a passion for the stage.


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And when she was seven years old, she came to Paris to do an audiovisual BTS. She originally wanted to be an actress, but at 19 years old, she was successfully persuaded to join a comedy show. She did open stage acts like Pranzo and Paname Art Cafe, as well as the Jamel Comedy Club.

According to Dutel, “I started theater when I was seven years old. I always loved it, so when I came to Paris to do an audiovisual BTS, I wanted to continue but I did not know anyone. At 19, I came across a cast for humor that I managed and I continued later.”


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3. Her comedy style sets her apart.

Dutel isn’t just your run-of-the-mill comedian who talks about relationships, love, and sex. Instead, she focuses on women’s issues.

“I talk about myself and what we suffer when we are a woman because we live misogyny everyday. I do not inspire my personal life, my professional life, my weight, people who make misogynistic remarks, politicians who allow themselves to decide for women, politicians... Absolutely everything around us!... When we are a woman, we are often told that we are less funny. I wanted to prove that it was not true and I started writing about these topics,” she said.

4. She’s appeared on television.


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Some of her credits include YouHumour, Montreux Comedy, What the F*** France, Workingirls, An Expensive Wedding, Standupology, and We Only Ask for Laughs.


5. But she’s also a writer.

When asked about how she gets inspiration to write, she responded, “I think of a situation and I start writing. Sometimes there are things I think are funny and not at all. I write everything on my phone. Otherwise, I work with Sophie-Marie Larrouy. It gives me an outside look that allows me to move forward.”

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