10 Best Bra Strap Holders (To Keep Your Breasts In Place)

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Bra strap holders

Slipping bra straps are the worst. It’s happened to all of us: We’re wearing that sexy dress we love, ready for a night out, and it’s all ruined by straps that keep showing on our arms.

A bra fitting may be the answer; perhaps your bra just isn’t fitting correctly. But there are also products out there specifically meant to help those darn straps stay in place! And these bra strap holders are the answer to your problems.

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1. CAKYE Women's 5 Piece Non-slip Elastic Bra Strap Holder Clips

These clips prevent bra shoulder straps from slipping. You can adjust the length, durable and elastisch. Each package includes 1 set of 4 strap holders and one clip.


2. Maidenform Women's Elastic Bra Strap Holder

This is a three-pack of bra strap holders in white, nude, and black. They transform bras to match racer-back style tops and dresses, and keep bra straps off shoulders.


3. Dritz Bra Strap Holder in Clear

This convenient strap prevents your bra straps from falling off your shoulders or being seen while wearing either strapless or thin strap shoulder tops. It's available in a variety of sizes and features a slight elasticity, making it much more comfortable than other solid plastic strap holders.

(Walmart, $8.31)

4. Bra Converting Clips from Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Convert any bra into a cross-back style without the expense of buying a new one with the Bra Converting Clips from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Not only does the clip keep your bra straps hidden and prevent them from slipping, but the clips also give your breasts an instant lift.

(Hollywood Fashion Secrets, $8)

5. Charm Skins Bra Strap Clip Holder Hook

This hooks set prevents straps from uncomfortably falling off your shoulders by keeping them gently fitted in place while remaining fully hidden.


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6. Vekey Bra Strap Cushions Holder

This effective solution to painful bra straps cutting into your shoulder also helps bra straps stay on by holding slipping straps in place and also avoiding indentation marks. It’s a must-have.


7. Cadabra Bra Strap Holder

This is the only single style bra strap holder that comes in 3 sizes to give you a choice in getting the right fit. Choose a small size to bring straps closer together or to enhance cleavage. Use the medium size for everyday wear. And the large size is perfect for newer bras, wider straps and larger cup sizes.


8. Noel & Co. Strap Tamers

Stop annoying slipping straps with these small, smooth plastic clips. Because they'll last for years, they're a great value!


9. SUREMATE Invisible Clear Bra Straps

Clear bra straps made of eco-friendly material that is safe for your skin and won't create irritations. Both straps and hooks are transparent! 


10. LOHOME Bra Strap Holder

Prevent bra shoulder strap from slipping. The buckles are easy to open and close, and there are many colors to choose from. The straps can be adjusted as well.


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