25 Best 'Full House' Quotes Of All Time

You got it, dude.

The 25 Best Catch Phrases From Full House instagram

The world seemed so much simpler back in the 90s, didn’t it? There was no social media presence to keep up with, things seemed to move at a slower pace, and you didn’t have quite as many worries then as you do now (you know, given the whole adulting thing).

Not to mention, there were beloved TV shows like Full House, where even the most dramatic story arcs were resolved in a 30-minute episode that culminated in a giant family hug.


Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy even thinking about it? Well, the show was obviously a success. Not just because there’s a modern-day spinoff, but because the characters — and their catchphrases — are remembered so fondly.

Some of the below Full House quotes and catchphrases are even part of the current vernacular. And for those that aren’t? Maybe we can bring them back.

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1. "You got it, dude."


A Full House classic — truly!

2. Cut. It. Out!

This has to be one of Uncle Joey's best catch phrases, and we bet you're still using it today. Bonus points if you do the motions, too.

3. Watch the hair!

Uncle Jesse went through so many hair transformations, but peak rocker mullet might just be the most iconic.


4. Tell me something I don’t know!

5. How rude!


Pretty much everyone on the show said this one.

6. You’re in big trouble, mister.

How is a toddler that intimidating?

7. Oh, puh-lease!


$20 says that you probably used this one in the last week.

8. Whoa, Baby!

This is another Full House catchphrase the whole cast used.

9. Why am I not surprised?

A rhetorical question that's still highly relevant today.

10. Duh!


Don't forget the eyeroll with this one.

11. Have mercy!

Uncle Jesse used this catchphrase the most, but the other cast got to say it a few times as well.

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12. Well, pin a rose on your nose.


Still not exactly sure what this means, but it was a favorite phrase said by Stephanie Tanner.

13. Why thank you!

Not an often repeated Full House catchphrase, but one that definitely stuck around.

14. Oh, mylanta!

Another major classic! Can you think of any other TV show that used this one?

15. You got a bad attitude.


"What you say to haters," for $200, Alex!

16. No way, Jose!

17. I need that cake!

For a toddler, Michelle is just a little bit too relatable.

18. That’s not funny.


19. Happy birthday to me!

It's the best day of the year.

20. Boy, this is gonna be a fun night.


The sarcasm is rich with this one!

21. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Spoken like a true toddler ladyboss.

22. You gotta be kidding.

23. You. Are. Not. Welcome!


Raise your hand if you made a poster that said this and hung it on your bedroom door.

24. Nah.

25. Aw nuts!

I think it's safe to say that Michelle had some of the best lines.

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